Syria, the United States and counterterrorism: videosmith Putin, Rouhani and Erdogan

Moscow, Tehran and Ankara have a lot to do to settle in Syria, but still need to take measures to neutralize the militants in Idlib and Sevrage. This was said by Vladimir Putin during the videoconference, the heads of Russia, Iran and Turkey. Putin also said that U.S. sanctions against Damascus, adopted in circumvention of the UN security Council, “strangle” Syria and lead to socio-economic disaster, so as soon as possible to arrange humanitarian assistance through the existing channels. The Russian President expressed his intention to visit Tehran for the summit on Syria, when conditions permit.

Putin waving his hand — a gesture now instead of the traditional handshake for the cameras. And instead of one or three different interior appointments. Vladimir Putin flags of States parties on the screen, the Turkish leader Recep Erdogan, behind, and on both sides — as seen in the frames of Turkish television — the assistant of the talks in masks, including even the Minister of foreign Affairs Cavusoglu. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani appeared on the background of the three recognizable symbols of States. So looked online the summit of the heads of Russia, Iran and Turkey to discuss the situation in Syria. The main task — to intensify the joint fight against international terrorism.

it is Necessary to consider what other measures are necessary to neutralize the remaining terrorist groups. The worst situation is beyond the control of the Syrian government areas in the zone Adlerskoe de-escalation and on the North-East of the country in Seurata, where significantly increased activity of militants LIH (banned in Russia).

Idlib remains in the hands of terrorist groups that have and are fighting among themselves, while claiming to be the most radical. The cases of clashes with Syrian government forces. Still, the ceasefire is that Putin and Erdogan agreed on March 5 in Moscow, have significantly stabilize the situation. Military Russia and Turkey jointly patrol the highway M-4 “Aleppo – Latakia”, along which a corridor was created security.

“We will do everything we can as soon as possible in Syria peace, order and security that Syria has maintained its territorial integrity”, — said the President of Turkey.

But in Seurata notably the presence of US troops, which are on the territory of Syria were not invited and are very nervous when in the region there are Russian patrols. One of them is June 10, the Americans even tried to block, however, going to overtake technique with the flag of the United States suddenly began to smoke and stalled.

And this is not the only example of how the United States played a destructive role in Syria. And most importantly the direction of the blow now, even during a pandemic coronavirus — economy of Syria.

“His the negative impact of the sanctions imposed on Syria bypassing the UN security Council, that is illegal. According to the world food programme, more than 9 million Syrians, that is, half the population, need food aid. Despite this, and the UN Secretary General’s call for an easing of sanctions pressure in a pandemic, and in Washington and in Brussels, decisions to extend restrictions against Damascus. In addition, introduced new sanctions, the purpose of which, of course, is the desire for the economic suffocation of the Syrian Arab Republic. Therefore, it is important now to consider how we could, through the appropriate channels to provide humanitarian assistance and to support the Syrian people”, — said Vladimir Putin.

“the Illegal actions of the American regime will not bring any discord to the will of the friends of the Syrian people. And America, through military pressure and through economic sanctions fail to achieve their illegal purposes,” — said Hassan Rouhani.

the Format, when Russia, Iran and TOrcia coordinate their actions, in three years has already proved its effectiveness. But the ultimate goal is to achieve lasting peace in Syria on the basis of territorial integrity and sovereignty. Commitment to these principles, the parties confirmed on the online summit. Vladimir Putin expressed readiness to personally come to Tehran. as soon as possible.