Actually, Jan Köppen was supposed to be in front of the camera for the “Take Me Out XXL” special. However, the moderator is canceled “due to corona”.

Spontaneous moderator change at RTL. As the broadcaster announced on Twitter, Jan Köppen (39) is out of the “Take Me Out XXL” specials. The moderator cannot moderate “due to corona”. Comedian Chris Tall (31) will step in for Köppen as a short-term replacement.

According to RTL, the XXL summer specials of the popular dating show “Take Me Out” will be recorded from Tuesday (July 19). A total of three specials are planned, the first broadcast is planned for August 10 at 8:15 p.m. on RTL (also on RTL).

Köppen can look forward to the jungle camp

Even if Jan Köppen has to take a break from moderating, he can already look forward to his next big job. It was only announced a few days ago that the 39-year-old will follow in the footsteps of Daniel Hartwich (43) and will be able to moderate the jungle camp alongside Sonja Zietlow (54) from next year.