A tariff with good network quality and high data volume, for which only a small monthly basic fee is due – this is currently available from Freenet. The mobile operator offers a 20 gigabyte flat rate in the Telekom network for EUR 9.99 per month. A real deal?

The smartphone has long since become an integral part of everyday life. Checking the way on the cell phone on the go, writing messages with family or friends or watching YouTube videos on the train – all this is a matter of course and requires a cell phone contract with a high data volume. However, this does not have to be expensive, because more and more providers are also offering cheap tariffs including telephone and SMS flat rate as well as a considerable data package.

20 GB data flat rate in the Telekom network for a basic fee of 9.99 euros

Paying 9.99 euros a month instead of 36.99 euros for the mobile phone contract including 20 gigabytes (GB) of data sounds more than fair at first. This tariff can be found with the mobile phone provider Freenet. For a basic fee of 9.99 euros per month, there is not only a high data volume, but also an all-network flat rate for making calls and sending text messages to all German networks.

The details of the offer:

Click here for the offer from Freenet

If you are looking for a good mobile phone tariff for little money, you can definitely get a bargain with the Freenet offer. 20 GB of data volume is more than enough to send WhatsApp messages, watch videos or read news online. Only the connection fees require some attention. They normally cost 39.99 euros once, but can be refunded if you send an SMS to 8362 within 30 days of activation. In order not to forget this, it is therefore worth putting a reminder in the calendar. Caution is also required with the contract period. The offer of 9.99 euros is valid for the minimum contract period of 24 months, after which the regular tariff costs 36.99 euros per month. A timely termination is advisable here.

Matching mobile phone for the contract: Samsung Galaxy S23

Even if a lot of money can be saved with bargain tariffs, a new smartphone is often not included. Therefore, they are only worthwhile for those who still have a working cell phone. Anyone who needs a new phone for the contract will also find what they are looking for at Freenet and can secure the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with an immediate bonus of 150 euros from the mobile phone provider. Instead of the original RRP of 1,579 euros, the top smartphone then costs 1,429 euros. The discount of 150 euros will be deducted directly from the price.

Click here for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

You can save even more by trading in your old smartphone with Freenet. After purchasing the Samsung S23 Ultra and sending in the used cell phone, Freenet will refund the corresponding sum. The promotion is limited in time and is valid up to and including March 31, 2023.

Conclusion: When is a cheap mobile phone tariff worthwhile?

If you want to save on your mobile phone contract, you should keep your eyes open for tariff bargains. Many providers, such as Freenet, not only lure you in with a telephone and SMS flat rate, but also with a high data volume, which is absolutely sufficient for streaming, YouTube videos and the like. In addition, you can make calls even with a cheap tariff in a premium network like Telekom, so there is no need to fear any loss of quality. The only disadvantage: Promotions for such cheap tariffs are often limited in time. So it pays to be quick.

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