James Corden has met almost every celebrity in the world, now US President Joe Biden had to believe in it too. The comedian did an internship at the White House for his TV show.

The British comedian and presenter James Corden spent a whole day in the White House and practiced many important jobs in the government building. Corden served the US President for his show “The Late Late Show”. The hilarious clip begins with Corden yelling at Joe Biden and then pointing out the current time until his next appointment every minute. Until Biden asks him to look for another job in the house. The comedian hurries off, but not before quickly saying: “You still have 28 minutes until your next meeting”. Biden responded with a laugh: “Who is this guy?”.

James Corden is known for primarily targeting celebrities. He regularly drives around in a car with a famous guest at “Carpool Karaoke”, asking spicy questions and singing with them. Joe Biden may not have to sing, but he does suffer from the artist’s persistence. As soon as he’s kicked him out of his office, his new personal assistant, Corden, reappears with a bouquet of fruit and places a photo of himself and singer Harry Styles in front of the bust of President Harry Truman.

James Corden stirs up trouble in the White House

After his renewed Oval Office attack, Corden goes looking for a new job in the White House and ends up in the kitchen. Here he realizes that taster for the President would actually be his dream job. With an apron, the comedian is directly involved in everyday life in the kitchen. Not, of course, without humorously misunderstanding his task and now tasting every ordered food and drink for the staff.

After his stint in the kitchen, he is shown in the press building of the White House how to conduct a press conference. In practice, he drives the journalists present to insanity. As the day of the internship with the US President draws to a close, he takes a seat next to Joe Biden in the Vice President’s chair. The president and the comedian fraternize, then Biden presents him with aviator goggles for his work, just like the president himself owns.

Here’s how James Corden’s visit to Joe Biden went:

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