In “Tatort: ​​Schattenleben” Julia Grosz is looking for a girlfriend. The two once loved each other. Does the investigator come out with that?

In the new “Tatort: ​​Schattenleben” (May 12, the first), Commissioner Julia Grosz (Franziska Weisz, 42) is looking for her missing LKA colleague Ela Erol (Elisabeth Hofmann). This had determined undercover in the left scene. Grosz and Erol went to police academy together. But as the story progresses, it becomes clear that the two were more than just friends. Grosz loved the woman years ago. In addition, she kisses the activist Nana Leopold (Gina Haller, 35) during the investigation. Did the commissioner come out as homosexual?

That’s what actress Franziska Weisz says

“No, it’s not a lesbian coming-out story,” actress Franziska Weisz clarified in an interview with the broadcaster. “We’ve already talked about their men’s stories.” Grosz would primarily be concerned with people, “and during the time of her training she just fell in love with a female person”. Although her character would describe herself as straight, “she allows herself to love this woman who means so much to her”. However, the film leaves open “whether they were really a couple or just wanted to try out what it’s like to love a woman”.

Screenwriter Lena Fakler (32) always found Commissioner Julia Grosz “pretty cool”, as she admits in an interview. “But also unapproachable.” That’s why she wrote the character a very personal case “and retold her first love”. Although she fell in love with a woman, “the moment the colleague wanted to be with her, she got scared and backed down”. Perhaps Grosz later regretted this step, explains the author, “because she never fell in love like she did back then.”