Have you fulfilled your dream of a new tattoo? The hygiene and care of the new motif are important, because this way you avoid infections and preserve the color in the long term. Here you can read what you should consider.

Finally the design you’ve had in mind for months has become a reality, a new tattoo gracing your skin. But how do you take care of it and make sure it heals well and ends up looking the way it should? In order to ensure that your new tattoo heals without problems, it is particularly important that you deal with proper hygiene and care after tattooing. The following answers to the most important questions will help.

What should you pay attention to immediately after the piercing?

Advice on aftercare varies slightly depending on the tattoo studio. After the tattoo has been inked, you will receive instructions from your tattoo artist on how to treat the tattoo. As a rule, a professional tattoo artist will send you home with a tattoo that has been disinfected, creamed and wrapped in foil.

A fresh tattoo is comparable to an abrasion and is therefore susceptible to infection. Pay attention to thorough hygiene, always wash your hands before touching the tattoo. Otherwise, the tattoo could even become inflamed. The better the wound heals, the more beautiful the tattoo will look. Wait about three hours before removing the film from the skin.

It is normal for blood and wound water to collect under the foil. Wash both off carefully with lukewarm water. You can then pat the area dry. Always make sure that your hands are freshly washed and ideally disinfected. Apply cream to the tattoo three to five times a day, this works best with a pH-neutral and zinc-free panthenol ointment, for example this special tattoo cream. It contains seven percent panthenol and valuable vitamin E, which is intended to provide moisture and reduce the itching of wound healing.

Always remember that a freshly made tattoo is also a fresh wound. Should a slight scab form, it must come off by itself, otherwise you risk damage to the tattoo and skin infections. For the first night or two, you can re-cover your tattoo with skin tape and cling film to protect it at night. To do this, apply a thin layer of tattoo cream to the tattoo and then the foil. In the morning, repeat the washing process as described.

How long do you have to apply lotion to a new tattoo?

Depending on the healing process of the skin, you should apply lotion to the tattoo two to three times a day for two weeks. A thin layer is sufficient. Always keep in mind that your skin needs time to heal. Be patient and take care of your skin. This applies in particular to UV radiation, because there is an eight-week sun ban after tattooing. You must avoid direct sunlight on the affected area and you must not go to the solarium. The same applies to sports in the first one to two weeks and the associated heavy sweating.

Which tattoo care cream is best?

A zinc-free panthenol ointment is best suited for tattoo care. There are various ointments in the pharmacy or online. For example, these ointments are suitable and available online:

Perfumed creams and Vaseline should be avoided for tattoo care. Vaseline can make your skin too greasy. Wound and healing ointments, on the other hand, provide valuable moisture and actively support the healing process.

Color preservation: How to get the tattoo

In the long term, it is advisable to always apply a tattoo cream with UV protection to the tattoo so that the colors do not fade and you can enjoy your tattoo for a long time.

Protect your tattoo from direct sunlight for at least eight weeks after getting it. Even after this period, UV radiation can change the color of your tattoo. Therefore, if you have a tattoo, you should always apply sufficient sun protection. Preferably factor 30 or higher.

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