The Loveparade 2010 ended with the disaster in Duisburg. Motte has planned a new rave to take place in Berlin on Saturday. He has a big goal – and a special reason to celebrate.

Techno, love, neon colors: the carefree sides of the 90s should return to Berlin for one day. Loveparade founder Dr. Motte wants to bring a new music spectacle to the streets between Kurfürstendamm and the Victory Column on Saturday. The new company is said to have nothing to do with the Loveparade, which the techno pioneer no longer owns as a brand and which ended catastrophically twelve years ago in the crowds in Duisburg. The organizers make that clear.

A later successor to the more than 30-year-old Loveparade has been under discussion for some time. It was postponed because of the pandemic. Now the “Rave The Planet Parade” should finally rise. It should evoke the good old days and be something new at the same time. It used to be called “peace, joy, pancakes”. Now dr. Motte, whose real name is Matthias Roeingh, has one goal: people should take to the streets under the motto “Together again” and carry on the spirit of the Love Parade.

A spectacle of millions like in the past is not on the agenda. According to the police, 25,000 people are registered. According to the organizers, there could be more. In addition to the party-goers, 150 artists are expected. 18 music floats (“floats”) are also to roll along the approximately seven-kilometer route past the Brandenburg Gate.

Neue Parade also sees itself as a political demonstration

The highlight of the techno spectacle took place at the Victory Column back in the 90s. People from all over the world – young, old, naked, clothed, with or without glitter on their faces – danced there. They were images that shaped a decade and a generation.

The fact that 25 unconditional basic incomes of 12,000 euros a year are to be raffled off this time fits in with the alternative spirit. In addition to the old values ​​of the Love Parade from the 90s such as love, peace, diversity and of course music, sustainability and environmental protection are now part of it. Therefore, a garbage collection campaign is planned. Garbage should generally be avoided. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground – a taboo. And the organizers warn the ravers: Glitter is plastic.

The parade sees itself as a political demonstration and has some demands. This includes the recognition and preservation of electronic dance music culture as a cultural achievement. Berlin’s techno culture is to become an intangible cultural heritage of Unesco.

Berlin organizers distance themselves from the Duisburg Love Parade

dr Motte founded the Loveparade in Berlin more than 30 years ago. In 1989 it was still a small party, with 150 techno fans dancing on Kurfürstendamm. Five years later, 120,000 ravers celebrated and ten years later 1.5 million. The organizer changed, the parade left Berlin. Then came 2010. Because of the overcrowded Love Parade in Duisburg, 21 people died and more than 500 were injured.

The Berlin organizers vehemently distance themselves from the Love Parade in Duisburg. The whole thing should never have been approved and carried out, says Timm Zeiss, Managing Director of Rave The Planet. Berlin has a lot of experience with big events; on Saturday there should be security concepts coordinated with the authorities. dr Motte refers to the “good cooperation” between the police, fire brigade and the Rave The Planet team. “It will be a joyful event.” For the 61-year-old, things will be particularly happy. The parade takes place on his 62nd birthday.

Those who haven’t had enough of techno and dancing after the move can look forward to the planned after-show parties in various Berlin clubs. “I hope that we will inspire many people to imitate us,” says Dr. Moth. The realization should grow that all people are equal – without differences, so that world peace can develop.