Tehran: the UN Secretary General's report on the attacks on the oil facilities of the SAR is made in the U.S.

Tehran has pointed out inaccuracies in the report of the UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres on attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia. Permanent mission of Iran noted that the data of Iranian origin of the missiles used to strike at the oilfields of Saudi Aramco in 2019, is invalid. In the document there are a number of “serious shortcomings, inaccuracies and contradictions”, said the Iranian side.

the investigation into the attacks is complex and delicate, and the UN Secretariat does not have sufficient capacity and expertise to conduct it, according to the permanent mission. Some weapons that were allegedly taken did not match the weapon that produces Iran, said diplomats.

Thus, Iran categorically rejected the comments in the report regarding Iran’s connection with the weapon and its components, which were used in attacks on oil installations cap, as well as with the Iranian origin of the weapons allegedly seized by the American side, reports RIA Novosti.

Tehran believes that in the assessment of Iranian involvement in attacks “at the helm” are the United States. The findings of the UN Secretary-General meet the claims of Washington, diplomats indicate. They also noted that the report is much too vague terms, which casts doubt on the validity of findings.

the Publication of the report coincided with the unveiling of the U.S. resolution to extend the arms embargo against Tehran. The foreign Ministry of Iran called it “an interesting coincidence” and noted that the report of the UN Secretariat were made at the request of the U.S. and will be used against Iran at the June meeting of the security Council.

the attack on the oil facilities of the SAR was undertaken in September 2019. Responsibility for the RAID on two fields Abqaiq and Juris took over Houthi rebels. But Saudi Arabia does not consider that they are involved in the attack. Riyadh is confident that the missiles came from the other side — from Iran. Tehran denies the charges.