Sneak can be worth it: insurance companies promise a 20-percent discount if you can monitor. Particularly enticing special promotions. Buyers of Toyota Aygo get a insurance policy at the Zero-Tariff, if you can monitor and a defensive driving style to maintain. Considering the high rates for beginners, this is definitely a worthwhile offer.

The Monitoring can be done with an App or through a fixed Box. The installation of the Box is not in vain, but the more convenient solution. It is also the only model that required permanent Monitoring.

The Score determines the repayment

And that’s how it works: For every journey, the App measures the vehicle’s data and then assigns a Score value. The higher the Score, the higher the discount at the end of the year. And the Savings, it is probably the most drivers.

there’s just one Problem: Many values can not be changed by a defensive driving style. The reason for this is Urban, there are more accidents than outside, at night more than during the day. Something pushes the Score. If the vehicle passes a special accident areas, decreases in the Score. So who drives due to the layer of services, often at night through the city and junctions happens to you, be considered the accidents, will not reach the target of 20 percent repayment.

in addition to Position and Route will be measured acceleration and braking, and even the lateral acceleration in curves is detected. The speed limit is exceeded, you collect minus points. You drive faster than 130 on the highway, will not be seen also. Other conceivable naughtiness, such as tailgating or Ignoring red traffic lights, the App can’t recognize, they therefore remain unpunished.

a Good Saving on new drivers

the financial test has calculated the discounts once a in Euro. On the example of a 19-year-old male driving beginner from Berlin, and a Maximum discount of at least € 357 was calculated. In the best case, he would have to pay 720 euros instead of 1057 Euro. In practice, probably 250 euros of Savings are likely to be possible. Well over 20 Euro in the month for the novice. Not bad, but you don’t see that it’s so to the Saving of the Toyota offering.

if you want to save, but anyway, defensive and accident-free driving, has a different Problem. If someone has a long driving experience, he pays far less than 100 percent for his insurance. The result is that a good Score makes his insurance in the percent cheaper, in dollars and cents, the Savings is not so great.

The editor of the financial test, took the task with sporting ambition, drove stresses on the defensive and was happy every Time about a high Score. The Test editor paid currently, however, only 329 Euro for his Car insurance. He could fall with telematics to 291 Euro contribution, if he would keep his athletic Score-value of the whole year. However, this is only a Savings of less than four euros in the month. The whole effort is not worth it.

More security thanks to telematics

with the exception of special Offers such as the Toyota, the Tariff is worth it, especially for young drivers with high insurance costs. Here, one should also consider the disciplinary effect of the Scores in consideration. The Alliance provides for almost two years, so a rate for drivers up to the age of 28 years. Joachim Müller, President and CEO of the Alliance, may find a positive effect among the nearly 70 .000 customers: “First analyses have shown that the average Scores of the users are consistently better, the average score has increased from approximately 71 to 82 points.” The Top value is 100 points. Most of the Alliance, customers can enjoy a repayment.

But it’s not just about the money. The constant admonition to a defensive driving style will also cause that these young drivers are safer on the road. They will build fewer accidents and no other road users with reckless driving to endanger style.

Also, a Motivation for parents to advertise in the offspring to a telematics-based Tariff.