Televised address of the President. Full text

President Vladimir Putin on the eve of the main day of voting on amendments to the Constitution made a televised address to the citizens of Russia. The full text of the statement published on the website

“Dear citizens of Russia!

Today on the land of Tver was opened a monument to the hundreds of thousands of Soviet soldiers who fought near Rzhev. They went into battle so we could live under the peaceful sky, worked, loved, worked, proud of Russia – a country of unique civilization and a great culture, a country where linked together the destinies, hopes and aspirations of many generations of our ancestors.

We, their heirs, continue this inseparable, thousand-year historical way. And we know that when we are together, even in a critical situation to accomplish the most complex tasks.

Dear friends recently appealed to you the most important for all of us, for our country. Today I consider it necessary to do so again before the primary voting day for amendments to the Constitution of our country.

We’re voting not just for the amendment, in clear legal rules. We vote for the country where you want to live, with a modern education and health care, with a reliable social protection of citizens, efficient government, accountable to the public. We are voting for the country we work for and want to pass on to our children and grandchildren.

so I’m sure that each of you, taking such an important decision, he thinks first and foremost about their loved ones, is based on the values that unite us, and that truth and justice is respect for human labor, people of older generations, this family and care about children, about their health, moral and spiritual education.

Amendments to the Basic law – in the case your support enshrine these values and principles as the ultimate, unconditional constitutional guarantees.

Stability, security, prosperity and decent life for the people we can provide through the development, only together and only themselves. That is our responsibility, our sincere feelings of patriotism, care of the Home rests the sovereignty of Russia, as well as on respect for their history, culture, native language, traditions, our memories about the achievements and accomplishments of our ancestors.

Again mark its position, it’s clear, unchanging, and absolutely solid: the updated text of the Constitution, all proposed amendments will come into effect only with your approval, your support.

You know that voting is already underway for several days, and this step is dictated by the requirement to protect people’s health. I want to thank all who have already made their choice.

Tomorrow, 1 July, the main day of voting. Please, dear friends, have your say. The voice of each of you is the most important, the most important.