The Grimme Awards will be presented at a big gala on August 26th in the Marl Theater. They are regarded as Germany’s most coveted trophy for quality television.

A quiz show by the entertainer Joko Winterscheidt and a report on corona intensive care patients won the renowned Grimme Prize this year. The Grimme jury announced a total of 19 awards and honors on Tuesday in Essen.

About the award for the ProSieben format “Who is stealing the show from me?” Grimme director Frauke Gerlach said: “Joko Winterscheidt relinquishes control. That’s what makes it exciting.” In the quiz show, contestants can conquer the role of the quizmaster. “It is remarkable that creativity in the entertainment sector was able to successfully break up the oppressive everyday life in media reporting during the pandemic,” praised the jury.

Everyday hospital life in the pandemic

The also honored report “Charité intensive: Station 43” (RBB) about the Corona winter 2020/21 in a Berlin intensive care unit had a completely different connection to the pandemic. «”Charité intensive” preserves a piece of everyday hospital life during a pandemic that is not at all everyday. And, by the way, tells stories of true heroes.”

This year, Katrin Eigendorf (ZDF) received the award for “Special Journalistic Achievement” for her “excellent reporting on the situation of women and girls in Afghanistan,” according to the Grimme jury. The entertainer and comedian Anke Engelke received a special honor from the award sponsor of the German Adult Education Association (DVV). Engelke keeps holding up a mirror to us “with her unique irony,” said DVV President Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, according to the manuscript.

The broadcasting concept of «Am Limit?! Now WE talk!” (HR) put children and young people in the foreground and let them tell about their personal experiences and limitations in the corona pandemic, according to the jury. Christine Rütten and Petra Boberg were awarded the special prize for this concept. From more than 760 submissions, the Grimme Institute nominated 74 contributions for the award. The award has been presented annually since 1964.