Convicted murderer Ramiro Gonzales is set to be executed in Texas soon. Before he dies, he would like to become an organ donor – and thus atone for his actions. But the US state has not yet allowed this.

In 2001, the then 18-year-old Ramiro Gonzales abducted and abused an 18-year-old woman, then shot her. The body of his victim was not found until two years later. Gonzales was sentenced to death by a Texas court in 2006. He has been awaiting execution there ever since.

Today Gonzales is 39 years old – and wants to save a life. The death row inmate wants to donate a kidney, reports the AP news agency. But it could not come to that, because his execution is scheduled for July 13. Then Gonzales is to be administered the lethal injection. His lawyers have now asked Greg Abbott, the Republican governor of Texas, for a one-month postponement of the execution. Her client should become an organ donor “for someone who urgently needs a kidney transplant”.

Texas: Death row inmate wants to make amends

At the same time, the attorneys have also petitioned the Texas Parolees Board for a stay. According to the legal team, medical professionals at the University of Texas have concluded that Gonzales is an “excellent candidate” for organ donation because he has a rare blood type. All tests have been done, only the operation is missing. The doctors “confirmed that the process could be completed within a month,” the lawyers wrote to the governor. Gonzales wanted to make amends for his actions.

Michael Zoosman, a Jewish cleric who has been in correspondence with Ramiro Gonzales for a long time, is also campaigning for the execution to be postponed. Gonzales wanted to “save a life, give something back before his life is taken.” The convicted murderer is not concerned with escaping execution: “He knows that this is his fate.” Zoosman makes allegations against the state of Texas: “Texas not only takes his life, but also prevents him from saving another life.”

The parole committee has already rejected a corresponding request this year, according to Gonzales’ lawyers because of the imminent execution date. Now, on July 11, the committee is to vote again on whether the death row inmate may become an organ donor – two days before the planned execution.

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