The amendment of territorial integrity is very important for the Kaliningrad region

once the Kaliningrad oblast of Russia was German East Prussia. Of course, in Germany today, this former province of the former Reich can claim only insane. But they are there. And quite loud. Hence, the proposed amendment to the Constitution on the indivisibility of the territory of Russia. But what else is important right now?

After the war, this “nest of German imperialism” was divided between Russia and Poland. By the way, the Soviet Union nobly gave the poles a large part of the province, but left a large part of the Vistula spit. It is a narrow strip of land that separates Kaliningrad (or otherwise Vislinsky lagoon) from the Baltic. From the open sea you can get there through the Strait, the entrance to which is guarded by the main base of the Russian Baltic fleet. And what happens now? On the Polish side of the Vistula spit, the Commonwealth is digging a navigable canal. In fact, there is a reserve. But it is the sovereign right of the Commonwealth. However, this is another illustration of how all this is truly a strategic crossroads of Europe. As there is a vote on amendments to the Russian Constitution?

Vistula spit — the most westerly territory of Russia, which is separated from the mainland, Kaliningrad region navigable channel. For a long time it was closed to the public as a sensitive area. Today the entrance is free, but you can only get here by ferry or on a military boat as they are now.

“When weather conditions deteriorate, the ferry is limited. In this regard, the electoral Commission will periodically have to monitor the weather conditions to bring this information to the residents,” — said Natalia Afanasyeva, Deputy Chairman of the Baltic territorial election Commission.

After the military garrison in the late 90s here disbanded, a former town turned into a village and now belongs geographically to the Baltic. Now go there to work and to school.

In the early days locals come to vote. This opportunity consider event for the village, where life with the arrival of the storm season stops.

“This is a historic event, for me it is very important how we will live, I and my children,” admitted one resident of the village of KOs.

for the First time under the rule of the Russian crown, these lands were in the course of the Seven years war 1756-1762 years. Again Russian language here sounded in 1807, when the Russian-Prussian Expeditionary force took part in the defense of the spit of Napoleon’s troops. Well, forever Russian language became main in 1945.

the Inhabitants of the Vistula spit, their unique territory proud. This nature reserve with white sand dunes and century-old pine trees, and the earth with an amazing historical heritage.

In 1945, when our troops took possession of Pillau, focused on the spit the remnants of the German 4th army and 5th tank division, here also evacuated the German command. To keep a powerful group and not allow it to go by sea, our troops were tasked to land on the scythe, prepared for a long defense. Pontoon bridges it was transferred and our tanks.

“the land Here is watered by the blood of our soldiers, on this Western section were the heroic battles and in those battles received 27 Stars of Hero of the Soviet Union. This amendment is about the territorial integrity is very important for the Kaliningrad region”, — said Valeriy Nazimova, Director of the Park-Museum complex on the Baltic spit.

Valeria Nadymova also decided to vote early, while there is time. Now that the entry here was free, with the beginning of the tourist season her little Museum of local lore, telling about the rich history of the Baltic spit, visited by hundreds of tourists.