messages collide. On the one hand, the homage of Donald Trump, Sunday, 116.000 “Sammies” fallen in France during the Great War (of which 53.000 in combat). He had been criticized for having canceled the day before his visit on the site of the battle of bois Belleau, due to the bad weather… And, on the other hand, the echo of the protrusions of the same president tançant its european allies and threatening by a tweet explosive backfire the solemnity of the commemorations of the centenary. A Donald Trump who continues to instill doubt about the possibility that the United States can come to the rescue of the Old Continent, in the case of a threat of major, as was the case a hundred years ago and, again, a quarter of a century later.

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On November 11, 1918, 2 million american soldiers camped in France. In the United States, a further 2 million soldiers were preparing in training camps, …

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