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The Americans are going to protest until they achieve equality

The Americans are going to protest until they achieve equality

In the United States experienced a series of protests even after the ceremony of farewell to the miserable George Floyd. The protests not to social distance. However, trump has already said that it is time to end COVID-restrictions, saying that the epidemic has passed. Meanwhile, his main competitor from the Democrats, Joe Biden gained votes for the official nomination.

On the banner of the American protests is about to change the name. Instead of George Floyd may go next Mannual Ellis also died during detention.

it All happened back in March in Tacoma, near Seattle. 33-year-old African-American police arrested on suspicion of assaulting a woman. Here is the footage that made the machine an innocent bystander. Ellis died in forty minutes. The cause of death was respiratory arrest due to hypoxia, though, as the police say, the technique of strangulation, similar to that used with the suture Floyd, for Ellis has not been applied.

the Criminal case is. Police no one covers, but the name of Ellis, who, like Floyd, was clearly in trouble with the law has already been lauded to the skies. It is also trying to put almost Holy.

the Protests in the U.S. in the meantime the eleventh day. On the eve of the commemoration of George Floyd of new York mayor Di Blasio booed, but because he so wanted to be his for the demonstrators. Even refused to enter the national guard, when the city was raging protests.

“It should not end today, because we need justice. It had 400 years. We have to fight until equality,” say the Americans.

But whether at that time in America, the police? The patience of the security forces, who are forced to kneel and put blame on the outcome. In Buffalo after the dismissal of two members of the special forces, who pushed a 75-year-old man, a letter of resignation wrote all 57 of their colleagues. To punish demanded personally by the Governor of the state of new York Andrew Cuomo.

“When I saw the video, I without any of Preuvelichaniya felt a strong pain in my stomach. So I think the mayor of Buffalo, one hundred percent made the right decision,” said Cuomo.

the Phrase “black lives matter” in 24 hours in America sweeps of each iron. Forgotten coronavirus and coronaries. Donald trump is trying to remind you that good news is still there. In may, 2.5 million people found work. The largest monthly increase since 1939.

“the Fact that it happened, just wonderful. Everyone thought that the number of unemployed will amount to 9 million people and we have employment growth of 3 million. No one ever sees anything. Total we have two positive news. The first is the remarkable figures, and the second is that we go to a long period of growth in the number of jobs,” said trump.

But this growth, of course, not included in the plans trompowsky opponents — Democrats. In American politics in an election year turned a war of total mutual destruction, where there are no more red lines. To personally annoy Trump, plot 16 th street in front of the White house was renamed. Now it’s called Square black lives matter. Lobbied the mayor of the capital of the United States. She was black.

“This is a message to the American people that life is black matter. And our city is bringing this issue to the level values of the metropolis,” said D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser.

trump said, as I used to, on Twitter: “Incompetent D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, whose budget is completely out of control and which constantly comes to us for “handouts”, is now waging war with the National guard, which for the last few days had saved her from a huge embarrassment. If it is not okay to treat these men and women, we will introduce another group of men and women.”

trump reminded Bowser of its inhospitality. 200 national guardsmen from Utah, towhich pulled together for the protection of the White house under orders, refused to stay. Simply put, thrown into the street.