Highways blocked, telephone networks, cut-in cities, paralysed, closed schools in several cities… Friday, the Pakistanis have had to endure a third day of violence as thousands of islamists protested against the acquittal of Asia Bibi by the supreme Court on 31 October and called for his hanging. In Lahore, most of the major roads were closed to traffic. Even blocking in the economic capital, Karachi, where the protests have disrupted business activity. And in Islamabad, the avenue that leads to Parliament was stormed by an angry mob on Friday afternoon.

The strategy of the islamists was simple: occupying the street, they were trying to put pressure on the government and the judges that Asia Bibi be included in the list of controls at the borders. In this case, she could not leave Pakistan. This battle is also played on the ground of justice. On Thursday, the lawyer of the imam to the origin of the complaint against Asia …

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