Sharon Battiste kissed warmly, uh, walked. In the fourth episode of the show “The Bachelorette” things got pretty hot. But in addition to sexy scenes, there were also many moments that fell into the water, even a bedwetting confession.

“Aaahhhhuuuuuuu” it howls in the villa of the “Boys”. The crowd of men courting the bachelorette Sharon Battiste seems to be slowly but surely hospitalizing. Candidate Lukas explains the howling of the wolf as follows: “Obviously, with 20 men in the villa for weeks, you eventually become a primate.” The primate as such makes different noises than a wolf, but the attitude of the men in the mansion is actually more zoo-like. It’s good that the doorbell is ringing for the next group date and that a few of them are getting some exercise.

The Bachelorette invites you to go rafting together. But the group date doesn’t go as planned, the men bitch around secretly and gossip about whoever is allowed to sit next to Sharon on a raft. At some point, the Thai weather god will also have had enough of the yelling and pour liters of water from above over the TV show candidates. Finally there is peace in the box or rather on the river. When the rowing group finally sits together in the dry, there is a fun drinking game. One asks a question and the one who has done this before in life has to drink. Of course, the classic questions come up like: “Have you ever had a threesome?”, and it feels like half the table is drinking, but also the question of whether anyone has ever wet the bed as an adult. Everyone looks irritated at the questioner Steffen, who, embarrassed and alone, takes a large sip of his drink.

Reenact romantic movie scenes for Sharon Battiste

The next group date in the episode includes their favorites Lukas, Tom and Emanuell. Each of them has to ring a doorbell on a film set, which Sharon then opens and holds up placards that they previously described themselves. Lukas is clearly the winner of the campaign, reminding Sharon of the moment they first met and writing that he can’t stop thinking about her. Of course there is a kiss from the bachelorette, but Emanuell also creams off a smack. Then there is the famous “Lady and Tramp” moment for Emanuell. Both of them sensually suck on the ends of spaghetti.

A nursing case and many fathers

The third group date of the episode is for Max and Jan. It seems that the bachelorette in this episode is more about mass than class. For once, this does not mean the optical appearance of the men, but the large number of group dates. We go paragliding together. But the erratic participants have to wait because it’s raining again. So what to do if not sit aside with each one and kiss a round again. At least with Jan. Max prefers to seize the opportunity for what feels like the 67th problem talk. We remember Max was the one who wasn’t sexually attracted to Sharon. All in all, the bachelorette then declared him to be a “care case”. Max then voluntarily packs his bags. In addition to a nursing case, two more men come out as fathers. It seems that RTL poached in a therapy group for fathers, whereas in the Pondon format “Der Bachelor” the outcry is always quite big when a woman is already a mother. Sharon Battiste takes it easy. Similar to Emanuell’s level of nervousness on the night of the roses: “So on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m 60 percent nervous.” So so. Basti and Tim are definitely 100 percent out on a scale of 1 to 10.

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