The bachelorette cannot hold back, especially with one candidate – and even secretly kisses him in the villa.

Episode four of “The Bachelorette” (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m., RTL and RTL) and Sharon already has to admit: “One misses one or the other man…”

First, Stefan, Dominik, Hannes and Alex are allowed to spend the day with Sharon in the jungle. Anyone who has to stay in the villa is disappointed – only Jan is not, he is deeply relaxed. “I currently see myself quite far ahead, I’ve just experienced the most with her,” said the 31-year-old, who has received the first and only kiss so far. So far.

In the jungle you can go “Bamboo Rafting”, which means that the group floats across the river in groups of two on simple bamboo rafts. That’s more exciting than it sounds: A surprising rain shower, caterpillars on the stomach, wet pants and shoes and of course spiders, which cause one or the other shock, even for the boys.

“There Might ‘ne Show”

At a stop ashore, a round of “Never have I ever…” unearths interesting facts about the boys. According to this, nobody has ever cheated on their girlfriend, Hannes and Umut have had a threesome before – and Steffen has peed in bed before. However, Umut causes resentment again, who draws Sharon’s attention with an alleged flash of laughter. “He’s putting on a show,” Dominik gets upset. “There is no one who has to compensate so much here.” Back home, Dominik riots in the bedroom and continues to rage: “I could have saved myself that completely, I could have stayed here!”

Next day, next chance, but not for Dominik. Lukas, Emanuell and Tom are allowed to dance to the creative single date. They have to reenact famous film scenes with actress Sharon. But from the sign scene in “Love Actually” to the sign scene in “Titanic,” the boys don’t seem to have really heard a thing. Nevertheless, Emanuell and Lukas get intense kisses for their signs. Unfortunately not for her drawings, although they are definitely the funniest part of the season. Finally, the couples eat spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp once did. One, of course, each from one side. Halfway through, Tom realizes he’s shy, so he bites off the noodle before his and Sharon’s lips meet.

In the villa, after all the kisses, even Jan is getting nervous. “Has a bad aftertaste… Three boys kissed so early… I think it’s a bit too early,” he complains in a noticeably high voice.

When the doorbell rings the next day, there is no message at the door, but Sharon herself. She takes a quick look at how rough the men’s bedrooms look and then picks up Max and Jan for paragliding. Unfortunately nothing comes of it because it’s raining again. Finally time to talk! In the case of Max, maybe not so well. He tries again to explain to the bachelorette that he doesn’t feel any sexual attraction to her yet, but that they’re on the right track. “Ultimately, I’m wondering whether we still have enough time here,” concludes Sharon – again clearly confused – the conversation.

“Come with me…”

But there’s still Jan. Sharon: “Today I couldn’t wait to finally be alone with Jan.” The two of them have no problem with sexual attraction, that much is clear. There is even a secret kiss under the umbrella. Finally, all three go back to the men’s villa. There, Sharon notices that Jan is quite dissatisfied about having only had ten minutes with her. “Then come with me for a moment,” says Sharon and leads him around the corner behind the house – where the kissing continues. “I couldn’t help it… It had to be. We’re on fire…” said Sharon.

The two also have problems holding back on the night of the roses. The other men also want a bit of intensive time with Sharon. Like Tim, for example, who in a long monologue tries to convince Sharon that he would be the best choice. And achieved the opposite. “That was really a lot…” was her verdict. Then Max explains to her that he has decided to leave. He’s probably just forestalling her with that, because she also thinks: “Constantly bringing in a nursing case for me here, my nerves wouldn’t have put up with it any longer…”

What do you do after such an awkward conversation? You scramble back into a corner with Jan. After the two are under constant observation, this time they try not to fall on each other. Deep looks and a lot of giggling have to be enough… Sharon: “The air was burning again, maybe you noticed it as far away as Germany.”

Contrary to expectations, Jan is not the only one to receive a rose when the roses are distributed. Other men have also “triggered emotions” in Sharon, as she explains. This time the somewhat underrepresented dancer Basti and the somewhat overambitious Tim have to go.