The first date ends with the realization that Max finds the bachelorette “not that sexually attractive” – ​​another candidate reveals this to her.

The first series of performances is over, now it’s time to get down to business with “The Bachelorette” (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m., RTL or RTL). The first group date is coming up and it gets dirty: Armed with rubber boots, Jan, Hannes, Maurice, Umut, Steffen, Lukas and Tim J. visit an elephant sanctuary with Sharon (30). But happy too soon: Instead of riding elephants, the boys and the bachelorette can “do away with elephant-kaka”, feed and wash the giants.

Again and again Sharon confidently pulls out one or two men and finds time for a private conversation. Feeding the elephants is all about sex – and Lukas says he likes to let the woman take the lead. “Let’s do that,” says Sharon. “I could have gone into a lot more detail, but we’ll leave that for today.” In the villa, jealousy alarm bells are already ringing for some. “It scratched me, I have to say. It was a strange feeling,” said Emanuell, who was already in love.

“I’m not really sexually attracted to her”

He has to be very strong now, because Max gets the first single date. During the romantic sightseeing flight in the Cessna, you carefully approach each other. Then it’s off to a villa for sunset, where the two strip off for the poolside couch and admire each other’s bodies. After a romantic dance lesson, Sharon begins to feel feelings: “From that moment on I thought it could be dangerous …” Max, however, is probably not as sure as he later reveals to the camera: “It’s not like that I’m like, ‘Wow, what a grenade'”. In conversation with the other boys, the soccer player reveals that he actually prefers curves: “I don’t really feel sexually attracted to her.”

The next group date follows the next day. This time Basti, Tim D., Yannick, Stas, Emanuell, Moritz and Alex are going through Phuket on several TukTuks. Afterwards, the group diligently tries Thai specialties at a market, including grasshoppers, mealworms and scorpions. Emanuell kidnaps Sharon to read tarot cards, but quickly regrets the idea. The card reader advises the couple to remain friends.

Despite his bad cards, Emanuell still gets a small single date. “Somehow he attracts me, and at the same time I think I have to be careful,” says Sharon cautiously. He quickly takes this feeling away from her by directing the insecurity onto someone else. Emanuell, Sharon reveals that a contestant at the mansion said he didn’t find her sexy. The date then ended. “Yes, that does something to me,” says Sharon. And is sure: “I’ll find out who that is.”

Two new men in the mansion

There is no shortage of willing men anyway. Two new men, Tom and Dominik, are delivered to the Night of the Roses. While Sharon is mostly pleasantly surprised by this, the men aren’t very enthusiastic about the new competition. Like Lukas, for example: “He’s bald, I’m bald – but my bald head is a bit more stable.” The magician Max doesn’t like the fact that Dominik also conjures up a screw behind Sharon’s ear with the saying “I knew it, you also have a screw loose”.

During the dance part of the evening, stripper Basti finally gets his big performance and puts on a lap dance for, on and with Sharon. “Yes, it happened today,” she says happily. Tim also tries the hot seam dance, but doesn’t quite manage to read the vibes: “It was too tight for me,” says Sharon. What has to come will come: the sorting out after the first week aka the awarding of roses. “I notice it starts emotionally. Just the presence of some men is very tingling.” Apparently it wasn’t that great with Moritz, Philipp and Tim D. – the three are out.