The first day of school, soccer games, friends… These memories lay in his memory of a child, but since her return to Afghanistan, four years ago, Zahra was gradually forgotten. “I don’t even know most speak Norwegian”, regrets the young girl who, at age 16, however, has spent more than a third of his life in this country in Northern Europe.

The year of his 8 years old, her family fled the violence of his country of origin and has gone through Iran and Turkey before heading up the european continent on the back of trucks. In Norway, where her parents have sought asylum, the children were immediately enrolled in school, and the family has benefited from language courses. “All our friends were norwegians, we had completely turned our life there. The past was behind us,” recalls the teenager. But at the end of four years, their application has been rejected, and they were sent to Kabul.

“Here, there are rules for everything and the girls are like locked with a padlock”

Zahra, a teenager afghan returned from Norway

This type of history, it repeats thousands each year: between January and march 2018, only 44 % applicants …

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