Farting, peeing, burping, etc. are unpleasant for many people – but they indicate that the body is working. There are four signs that show you have a healthy metabolism.

When the metabolism is working at full speed, this becomes noticeable in the form of smells, sounds and fluids. Burping, farting or foul-smelling stools are unpleasant for many people.

But why actually? After all, such “disgusting” signs of the body are completely normal – and even healthy.

Unpleasant but completely natural: Medically speaking, belching or belching is a sudden release of gas from the stomach. If the emptying occurs from the very bottom of the stomach, the belching can even be very noisy. But that’s no reason to sink into the ground. Your stomach is just busy right now.

Sometimes heavy food, carbonated drinks or gassy foods trigger the burp. However, you should not suppress this natural process in the body so as not to make the stomach’s digestive work unnecessarily difficult.

Anyone who farts loudly in public often receives indignant looks or mean comments. From a medical point of view, however, farting is recommended and even good for your health.

The cause is usually harmless: large amounts of gas have formed in the intestine during digestion, which puts pressure on the chest and abdominal cavity. Only the noisy release of intestinal gas brings relief. However, frequent suppression can lead to stomach pain or indigestion.

Some people have to go twice a day, others only three times a week – everyone’s bowel movements are different. However, it is important that the “shop” is smooth, elongated and has a few cracks. The digestive tract reports: everything is fine.

Important: However, if you have frequent diarrhea or constipation, you should consult a doctor.

You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. If you follow the guidelines, you will of course have to empty your bladder every now and then. Around four to six trips to the toilet a day are normal.

However, if you have to go to the toilet very often over several weeks, you should have this checked by a doctor.

The original for this article “Four disgusting things show that your metabolism is really good” comes from FitForFun.