To Zalambessa (Ethiopia)

No sign, no flag, but all the Ethiopians seem to know. In Zalambessa, past the wall of stone, it is Eritrea. On 11 September, the day of the new year local, it has been demolished in its center and the border between the former warring parties in peace since the July 9, has been opened at two points. Since then, the highway from Zalambessa to link the Ethiopia landlocked in the port of eritrea Massawa, and the position control of the Bure, to Assab. The comings-and-goings of vehicles gradually replaced the patrols of soldiers. “There is a new movement”, says Desta. The town again became a place of passage, this fifty-year-old sells bottles of water and cakes to the travelers. “The common language of the inhabitants of the northern Ethiopia and the majority of Eritreans that facilitates trade. Before, drivers were too scared to come to the border: there was almost no trade, and we, we were stuck here.”

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