The BossHoss are back on stage. In an interview, Alec Völkel and Sascha Vollmer make their anticipation of the comeback clear.

After a forced break of several years due to the corona pandemic, Alec Völkel (50) and Sascha Vollmer (50) aka The BossHoss are back on stage. Your tour planned for 2020 will now be rescheduled from June 30th to September 22nd: 24 concerts are planned in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. “Everyone should know that we are back and will stay,” says Vollmer in an interview with “Welt am Sonntag” about the comeback.

“Our adrenaline is boiling after the long dry spell. Our fans will be surprised at how energetic and ambitious we present ourselves, as if everyone, including our five band members, had taken a fresh cell cure,” agrees Völkel.

New single and new album

The musicians still feel a little uneasy, they are plagued by a “certain uncertainty”, according to Vollmer. “The fact is, people have less money and more worries than two years ago. The number of corona cases is currently increasing, so I ask myself: Will many people come to the big events again?”

The new song by The BossHoss could also attract fans: “Dance The Boogie” will be released on July 15 and offers a foretaste of the new album “Electric Horsemen”, which is due to be released in spring 2023. “It’s an up-tempo number that’s difficult to move forward, a super mix of a bit of disco and country sound – a real big bang,” enthuses Vollmer.