This does not date from yesterday. There has always been between the United Kingdom and the European great ambiguity. With the Brexit, the confusion remains. “The Uk will never be a third country like the others”, said the chairman of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. While it is now time to build the relationship in the future, including the political declaration, negotiated in recent days tag the lines, the United Kingdom strives to question the european principles, notably the four freedoms, based on the internal market. As if, beyond the referendum, british leaders didn’t want to be choice net vis-à-vis the Union.

The Brexit will lead to a new “outgrowth” of the galaxy european, giving back in turn the breath in this theory française de l'”Europe of circles” pushed by Edouard Balladur, when he was prime minister. The United Kingdom is about to join one of the many circles that make up and/or …

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