The British foreign office commented on an article by Vladimir Putin

History should not be rewritten in favor of the interests of a particular country, the victory over the Nazi regime was made possible thanks to the courage of the allies and the Soviet Union, said the representative of the foreign Ministry of great Britain.

According to him, common history should not be used as a political tool or correspond with States in their own interests.

“Courage and enormous sacrifices of the peoples of great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union and all of the allies led to the defeat of the Nazi regime,” — said RIA Novosti the representative of the foreign office.

on the Eve of Russian and foreign media published an article by Vladimir Putin “75 years of Victory: a shared responsibility before history and the future”. In it the Russian President, based on unique archival documents, examines the causes and lessons of the Second world war. Especially those that a number of modern politicians either ignores, or denies, trying to justify the Nazi collaborators and to lay the blame for the war on our country. He urged the partners to preserve the historical truth based on facts, and discuss the events of the past critically and impartially.

the Written article is the result of his personal long-term work with historical documents that show their activity in Europe made the disaster inevitable.