Last week, three founders from Austria were able to delight the jurors in “the cave of The lion” with your sustainable Micro-Drink “water drop” – finally, the sugar-free effervescent cube is supposed to be not only healthier than Cola & co., but also more sustainable, because you can dispense with the plastic.

a record Deal with “water drop” burst – Ralf Dümmel is out

“lion” Ralf Dümmel found the product as “sensational”, that he and the Jury-back up colleague Mrs Dagmar Wöhrl, together with the (record)Deal: Together they give the founders a whopping Million euros – in return you will receive 12.5 percent of the shares in the company. In addition, the two “lions” are involved in the first three years of sales. So far the theory.

How now came out, to be blown this Deal. So the deal between founder Florian Nuebling of the “Volatiles” (LED mosaics), and Carsten Maschmeyer, and between the founder, Andreas Widmann of “RoadAds Interactive failed already” (advertising Displays, and truck) with Georg Koffler and Carsten Maschmeyer. Often it was said then that the founder and the investors were not entirely in agreement in regard to the implementation of the Deals.

Also the founder of the precious candle-Startups “Design Bubbles”, Catherine Baumann, wanted to your company after the Show without the help of “lioness” Dagmar Wöhrl continue to push forward. Now “water drop falls” in the dubious range, at least in terms of Ralf Dümmel.

Ralf Dümmel kicked out? However, the founder will keep the back door open

“We have agreed, for the time being, not with Ralf Dümmel to cooperate. We have decided, with the widespread placement in Germany deliberately to wait a little,” said the founder and the Start-up Portal Grü So have decided this is supposedly to focus on the Online and of the southern German retail sector. However, for that you not need Dümmel.

as soon As “water drop” to be established, however, would think both parties in the coming year on cooperation, the report says. Dagmar Wöhrl, however, it continued to invest in the boat – you and 6.25 per cent, the company now owns shares.

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