The CEC enforces violations

the Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia, Ella Pamfilova said Wednesday on the progress of the nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. According to Panfilova, serious violations of the election law is not fixed yet. “Rigidly follow it,” — said Pamfilova.

At 11 o’clock Moscow time have made their choice 56,28% of the vote. Tuesday at 20:00 Moscow time ended with some types of voting outside the premises on the local area, as well as remote electronic voting in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region.

As told to Ella Pamfilova, the counting of votes of Russians will begin after the close of all polling stations in the country. “All ballots for all voting sealed in safe packets. Each box package has its own individual number. They are protected,” — said Pamfilova.

According to Deputy Chairman of the Central election Commission of Russia Nikolay bulaeva, the voting results will be available on the Internet. The results will be published online, starting from the Far East.

nationwide, the vote was previously scheduled for April 22 but postponed, in order to maintain the health of Russians in the spread of coronavirus infection.