The CIA and the NSA summoned the Congress is waiting for their version of

“Russia has never supplied arms to supporters prohibited in the country of the Taliban (banned in Russia), and only the legitimate government of Afghanistan” — as the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said the words of U.S. Secretary of state that Moscow confronts Washington, selling weapons to “enemies of America”. Zakharov stressed that the accumulated suspicions Mike Pompeo is willing to share with the Western editions, but for some reason never discussed this c Sergei Lavrov. After the article in The New York Times has called “on the carpet” the CIA and the NSA and Congress is waiting for their version of “Afghan leak.”

faceless anonymous letters will not go far — in a series of articles in The New York Times about the Russian conspiracy and the Taliban against the Americans have the main character named Rahmat, named Azizi. The image is simple and familiar to American readers — a drug dealer loser who has contacted GRU and instantly began to swim in the money:

“During regular trips home to Northern Afghanistan, he traveled on the cars of recent models, did not appear without bodyguards, and his house was recently converted into a four-storey Villa. As one of his friends, before he and blankets-it was not.”

friends and neighbors mythical Azizi, of course, no names. Talking about it anonymous, allegedly for fear of revenge, but the whole town knows how many got the hero article in The New York Times — over the head of one American soldier Russian intelligence paid 100 thousand dollars. Although I could bargain for Afghanistan, where a police officer in a month receives $ 150, the amount of 100 thousand seems unreal, but the article is for Americans, because surgery clear to the reader with numbers, not to sell too cheap.

“the intelligence People didn’t even believe that it ever happened. I think it is cheating to Newspapers and Democrats,” said Donald trump.

But neither democratic media, no politakis not stop. Congress initiated hearings has already been amended in the military budget. Sanctions on Russian defense enterprises proposes to impose, a member of the Senate foreign Affairs Committee Bob Menendez:

— as soon as there are details of this disgusting Russian campaign, Donald trump has once again proven that he is not able to protect our troops and our country. Congress must stand up for our people and our institutions from the Kremlin’s aggression.

“We must impose sanctions on Russia, we should do it right now. The President of the United States — our commander in chief. He should be able to make decisions that directly affect the security of our country. To do this, it needs to have the information. The fact that he ignored such important information during one of the briefings is a breach of official duties”, — said Chairman of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosi.

trump said that the investigation found no evidence of rumors about links between the Russian security services and the Taliban, but the journalists of the New York Times along with the anonymous from the administration convince readers — the President ignored the signals. CNN, calling trump an agent of the Kremlin, the idea picks up and develops. The White House is too sensitive to intelligence reports about Russia.

“trump just exploded, attacking his assistants with questions about why they continue to focus on the theme of Russia. He even questioned the veracity of the data provided to him. Aides were forced to reduce the amount of information about Russia in the daily briefings. One of the intelligence sources reported that trump’s assistants there was an amazing rule — never start with Russia”, — told the correspondent of CNN Jim Sutto.

On Capitol hill waiting for the heads of the CIA and the NSA. GLava special services must provide Congress all the information in the case about the alleged collusion of the Russian intelligence service and the Taliban. In parallel, us power structures, seem to seek in their ranks of those who can’t keep secrets and leaking data to the press. That said, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo:

— When the media publish this, it breaks my heart, because such actions threaten the lives of the staff of our intelligence and military. It is dangerous and illegal. I hope that we will find those responsible and they will be punished.

the administration of the trump looking for informers on their own — hope they are not specifically for someone. In opposition to the President, who can. He even in the interview he compared himself to the lone Ranger.

the Americans of the President appreciate the not so positive. His rating is a record low. Most criticism for failing to cope with the coronavirus. In the United States is not just the second wave — the country was covered with some ninth wave of the epidemic. Cases per day than ever — 52 thousand people. Victims are already under the 130 thousand.

Yet city after city picked up a fashion to demolish the monuments. The mayor-Democrat Richmond removes everything that glorifies the Confederacy. The crane was removed from the pedestal of General Stonewall Jackson, which approved slavery in the 19th century. July 4 independence day for the protection of monuments across the country will take up the national guard.