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Of all life, to have contacts and a good reputation has opened many doors. But that is not enough in the online environment in which to move the actors of the labour market. In the digital age, a personal brand, that is to say, the footprint on the other, is now the best letter of presentation to achieve the first employment, promotion, change of job or to expand our own business. Know how to manage and build our own teaches (what in English is known as “personal branding”) is an art. Other times enough certain skills and dedication, as there are techniques and strategies that are within the reach of any type of professional.

This shop window on which to project our talent is already of such importance that it is the value that differentiates one candidate from another. the “personal brand wide the horizon and offers a large projection professional. there Will come a time that will be needed,” says Franc Carreras, professor of Marketing at ESADE. “Already is not as competitive which is not on the networks —continuously—. The hermit digital, that person is jealous of their privacy and that erases all your tracks, is also suspected of hiding”.

The new technologies that offer free tools to develop our brand

In fact, since it is the rare company that does not include at some point in your selection process check the Network to see the image conveyed by a candidate. In the field of Human Resources, “a personal brand is the imprint we leave in the minds of others, and that continues to be the attributes, ideas, characteristics with which the rest of us relate to when they think of us,” explains Alvaro Ceballos director of Randstad Professionals from Andalucía and Extremadura.

reviews, comments, videos, pictures, post, tweets,… The brand is built day-to-day, to detail, with a goal: “you choose —says Ceballos—. The objective is to highlight or to highlight above the rest, that is to say to achieve that we remember and that we recognize when someone think of a specialist in a particular field or profession.It is to be the referent.”

Sell what you do

Is what happened to Fatima Martinez, professor of digital marketing at Google take part and co-author of the book “Three ladies brand”. Your example is a good example of the utility that’s supposed to work a specific brand. Thanks to this great technology giant contacted her three years ago. “They saw my videos, my blog, my website… I fit the profile they were looking for as a teacher for two programs they wanted to implement,” he recalls. Now it is your work, and also collaborates with other brands. “The Internet —he says— is a showcase of brutal and free.A screen projected around the world.”

this is Not to sell yourself, as many believe. But “sell what you do and how you do it. That is to say, I am my projects. We need to discover what we do well and sell it to sell our brand”, explains the professor of ESADE. At the end of the day, “the internet lets us demonstrate the virtue that it does not have the other, leaves us to highlight our own merits, to put value on what you can give to others and what you can bring to a person or a company,” says Fatima Martinez.

But these advantages may also lead to a high cost. The exposure to criticism is much greater. “It’s a double-edged sword: if you say something incorrect, it is on record and that’s not you can remove anyone. The new technology also magnify the bad,” says the professor of ESADE. For this reason, having a personal brand involves a lot of responsibility. “We have to control our brand —continually— and to be aware of the image that we are giving. Choose what we want to project”.

“we Must take maximum advantage of the technology to have visibility,”

Are the risks of: being exposed to the bad reviews and the bad reputation and losing privacy, as the presence in networks of intense form, even if it is for professional reasons, always connect the work and personal life. the “There’s that control the most of your privacy. There are red lines that must not happen,” Fatima says Martinez. One of the rules, for example, which continues to this consulting firm at the foot of the letter is not to comment on politics, football, religion and sex. Yes, believes that “we can apologize” by one ill-advised comment.

Create a personal brand requires, in addition, a lot of time and work. “There are people who have the time, ingenuity and a lot of ambition to do so. But not everyone is as well. The other thing that we have to do is to take the maximum advantage of the technologies to gain more visibility, and that it is not necessary to invest so much time,” says Carreras.

What strategy to follow

Today, ICTS provide free resources more than sufficient to do this. “There are thousands of free tools that give us data of everything: evolution, growth, when to communicate… The people who work in social media we dedicate all our time to it. But those who belong to other areas, they have tools that allow you to schedule weekly tweet and images, for example. I am always direct, but others can do a calendar of publications,” says Fatima.

To create a brand of their own, the experts offer some tips: Be consistent with one’s self and honest, not to project an image fictitious. Take care of the language (spelling), the images and the videos… Think about the comments before posting them. the “to Project one’s own values will make the brand personal to have a differentiating effect”, recommended Alvaro Ceballos, Randstad.

But the main thing is to think long term and design a strategy. “You first have to set a goal —exposes Ceballos—. And to do this we must ask ourselves the following questions: what do I want to be? who want me to convert? what I want to be an expert? where I would like to see me in the future? And do a SWOT analysis to raise awareness and to detect our weaknesses and personal strengths, and the threats and opportunities of the environment. After this analysis, you must identify the characteristics that differentiate us and, above all, to communicate effectively”.