The conflict in Libya: the attempts of negotiations fail time after time

the Escalation of hostilities in Libya were discussed by the representatives of Moscow and Ankara. And in the Egyptian capital were in talks with the leaders of the warring Libyan centres. What is happening in the country?

Oil derricks in the largest field in Libya El-Sharara was idle for 5 months, and last weekend they finally began to pump fuel. But on Tuesday the company raided by unknown armed men, who demanded to stop the operation.

According to local press, the facility was attacked by fighters of the Libyan national army. Her command of field Marshal the Haftarot. His main opponent in the struggle for power throughout the country – Fayez Sarraj, who heads a national consensus Government in Tripoli. The troops of Haftarot in early June was driven from Tripoli — despite the fact that the attack on the city is the second year. Moreover, proponents of Caraga captured the stronghold of the Libyan national army – the city of Tarhuna and at the headquarters of the Haftarot has announced plans to actively use the aircraft.

“Turkey-backed extremist group did there anti-Islamic crimes — said Ahmad al-Mismari, a spokesman of the Libyan national army. — They robbed, seized the property of others, violated the dignity of citizens.”

Attempts to resolve the conflict through negotiations still fail. On Saturday, the President of Egypt proposed the initiative to declare Libya a year and a half of the transition process, the main condition in which the cease – fire. In Tripoli rejected the idea and started the operation to capture the city of Sirte on the Mediterranean coast.

“the Initiative assumes that all armed groups will surrender their weapons to the Libyan national army could provide, to carry out their tasks, — comments Andrey Chuprygin, senior lecturer at the school of Oriental studies, faculty of world economy and world politics HSE. — That is, refers to all except the forces of the Haftarot. SteppingAET now Tripoli – with the support of Turkey, occurs actively, almost the entire Western part of Libya they took themselves… we are Talking about when Tripoli, when Sarraj agree to sit down at the negotiating table”.

Their success supporters Saraga required the military support of Ankara. The situation in Libya, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan discussed with his American counterpart. “After our call with President trump, I can say that we may see a new era in us-Turkish relations, we have reached agreement on several issues, he said. — In my opinion, and according to recent developments, the Haftarot can be at any time excluded from the transition process”.

In recent weeks in the media there are increasingly loud reports of the Libyan conflict, that don’t actually have their basis in any facts. So living in the US, the Venezuelan opposition said that the Marshal Haftar arrived in the Bolivarian Republic. But soon themselves denied.

in addition, American and Turkish partners reported that Russia supplies Libya with modern equipment, and on the side of the Haftarot fighting soldiers of the Russian private military company.

“A lot of information, especially concerning the mentioned Russian citizens are simply unfounded, — said Mikhail Bogdanov, special representative of the President of the Russian Federation for the Middle East and Africa, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia. — People who are allegedly fighting in Libya, in fact, not traveled outside of our country. It is noteworthy that the lists copied from the odious Ukrainian database “Peacemaker”. The mass of erroneous data or deliberate falsification permitted in respect of military products. In particular, the technique, the long-running in terms of Libya, given the recent Russian deliveries”.

In Moscow emphasize: because of the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 fails to implement decisions thatif adopted at the Berlin conference on Libya. But the worst thing is that the Libyans themselves do not negotiate between themselves. Therefore, Moscow believes that it is necessary as soon as possible to appoint a new UN special envoy for Libya.