The court arrested a senior customs generals

Basmanny district court of Moscow on Tuesday has arrested for two months head of the customs inquiry of the Federal customs service (FCS), Lieutenant-General Alexander Kislyi and his Deputy, major-General Alexei Silver. Against them and against three FCS staff TFR opened a criminal case under article 285, part 3 of the criminal code “abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences” (up to 10 years of imprisonment). According to news agencies, the TFR investigator told the court that the criminal case against the detainees, and Deputy chiefs Vnukovo and Domodedovo customs Konstantin Mishin and Yury Cherkashina and employee of FCS by the name Shurigin was initiated on December 22. Materials about the arrest of these three customs officers in the Basmanny court on Tuesday did not, according to a source in law enforcement bodies, after questioning them was a preventive measure not related to arrest. Arrest of customs officers is preceded by Monday’s raids on their places of work and residence, which were seized documents and electronic media, and Kiselica, according to the investigator, – $600 000, 600 000 euros, expensive watches and 1 kg of gold. Kislik said the Basmanny court about his innocence.

While in the case, as the catechumens in court materials, two episodes and they both relate to the unlawful replacement of criminal penalties for the smuggling of currency and valuables on administrative punishment. The first episode, according to a source, is connected with attempt of transportation of Russia as wife of the Russian Ambassador in Kenya Dmitry Maksimychev (catechumens to judge the materials featured the name of a citizen of Maksimychev and Kizlik called it the Ambassador’s wife) undeclared $50,000 in the green corridor. According to Kiselica (it is quoted by “Interfax”), it just confused the red channel with green and her actions had no intent. The second episode, according to the interlocutor of “sheets” in law enforcement, is also associated with prequaleficacia movement of currency across the border to tens of thousands of dollars from criminal to administrative article.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, criminal proceedings against customs officers initiated from information obtained during the investigation of criminal cases of bribery grassroots Department managers Domodedovo and Vnukovo customs. These bribes were taken from citizens, transportation of undeclared currency and valuables, just for the requalification of criminal cases to the administrative. So excited in TFR criminal case is both testimony and the results of many months of investigative measures, control “M” service of economic safety of FSB, emphasizes the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”. If the consequence will manage to prove the existence of “vertical” by which bribes were transferred from the bottom to the top, we can not exclude diversion from the articles about the abuse of power article about a bribe, he says. In the TFR and the Federal customs service declined to comment, to get comments of the foreign Ministry failed.