The court fined the defendant in the

Meshchansky district court sentenced the defendant in the “Moscow business” of Samariddin Radjabov to a fine of 100,000 rubles, according to “the Media” with reference to the correspondent. The court took into account time content Radjabov under arrest and financial situation, in this regard, ruled to release him from punishment and release from custody.

When the judge read the verdict, the hall resounded cheers and applause, the newspaper notes.

21-year-old Radjabov became involved in the “Moscow business” about the protests in Moscow due to the fact that the stock on July 27 left in the direction of the police officers a plastic bottle. Bottle at the security forces did not hit, but three of them recognized as victims. Another employee, who resigned shortly before the event, the status of the victim refused.

police without batons, the police officer refuses to become a victim in the “Moscow case” today is doomed to be perceived as the exception to the rule Opinions

racabov was charged that he threatened to use violence to law enforcement officials. Judge Tatyana Barakovskaya, reading the verdict said that the defendant threw a plastic bottle in the direction of law enforcement officers with “criminal intent”. According to her, by this gesture he wanted to arouse in the victims feelings of insecurity. Radjabov did not admit guilt.

Prosecutor on the eve, December 24, requested him to 3.5 years in prison.

on July 27 in Moscow was held inconsistent to protest in support of independent candidates for the Moscow city Duma. During the action were detained, according to various estimates, from 1074 to 1373 people.