The CPS is not ready to let go of the control for cooking food in a cafe

the CPS presented a modified version of the Sanitary for food service establishments. “Vedomosti” has seen a copy of the document. Its authenticity was confirmed by three participants of the last meeting of the working group on the document. To reduce the number of “unreasonably excessive” requirements to the Russian business a year ago ordered Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Pilot industry should be catering. Now the industry is working on the document, writing in the first half of the last century. For example, he States that eggs should be three rooms, one store, another wash, in the third beat. Vegetables and greens should be washed in acetic solution, a dish – washing cloth.

your CPS version of the new Sanitary for cafes and restaurants, introduced in November 2019 Requirements it became noticeable less, but still they proceed from the control cooking.

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