The crash of two Boeing 737 Max led the major aircraft manufacturer to the crisis

the consequences of the two catastrophes of the latest Boeing 737 Max for the largest aircraft manufacturer in the world was serious and unpredictable. 29 Oct 2018 shortly after takeoff fell to the Indonesian airliner Lion Air, 10 March 2019 under similar circumstances the plane crashed Ethiopian Airlines. The disaster claimed the lives of 336 people, of the people on Board no one survived.

This and the subsequent five days later a full stop of the entire global fleet of 737 Max – about 380 vessels have become a major event of the global aviation industry in recent years.

According to preliminary data, the crash resulted in the first time implemented the Boeing system to prevent stalling (MCAS): it automatically sends the nose of the plane down even when you turn off the autopilot if the bow lifts too high. Boeing began to prepare for Max, a new program for pilot training, so they are about the new system didn’t. Both fatal flight sensor angle of attack mistakenly reported excessively battened down the nose of the ship, MCAS involved itself and sent the aircraft down – the pilots did not have time to understand what is happening and to shut down the system.

the Boeing company in March began the development and certification of the updated software and hoped that Max would return to flight for the summer. As the us regulator (FAA) has proposed new requirements for re-certification Mach had revealed new irregularities in the primary authority (e.g., FAA certification, some work was entrusted himself Boeing), and the repayment period of the model shifted: first to fall, then December, now in the spring of 2020.

in the Spring of Boeing’s reduced output Swing from 70 to 42 in a month, and since January even suspend production. Now the company has accumulated approximately 400 built, but not delivered, ships Max.

Director The FAA fired back in the spring, and last week was dismissed by the President of Boeing Denis Muilenburg: it several years preparing for this position and was appointed in 2016, Usually the presidents of Boeing in charge for decades and retire steeped in legend.

Probably the resignation of Mulenburg was part of the deal with the FAA to return the liner to the flight – some recognition of the concern of errors and the intention to fix them, I’m sure a top Manager of the Russian airline.

max Return flights can be long and complicated procedure because of technical and bureaucratic difficulties, says CEO of consulting company Infomost Boris Rybak. Officials will not risk and will insist on lengthy testing of the model prior to re-certification, he said.

However the early return Max must concern, or have financial difficulties, in the first nine months the group already negative cash flow, says one of the interlocutors “Vedomosti”. But serious problems and the bankruptcy of Boeing, the American authorities will not say both of the people in the airlines.

Medium-liners are the basis of sales of Boeing and Airbus. Another medium-range model, Boeing no. He’s already lost to Airbus the first place in the portfolio of orders for the year will be given, and superiority in the supply of aircraft.

If Boeing can stop production, to resume in 2020 in case of returning the Mach to fly will be hard, sure top Manager of the Russian carrier will be interrupted the supply chain, Boeing a lot of effort and time it will take for the supply of accumulated liners and return to the flight stopped vessels. The Mach is a very efficient airliner, airlines are waiting for his return, added the source.

Boeing does not comment the situation.