Two miles off the coast of the Japanese city of Takehara, the Bunny Paradise: A deserted island on which it is crawling with rabbits. The island is known under the name of Usagi Jima – the Bunny island. The Munchkins are fed by day-trippers, kids pet the animals. The island looks like a mix of Kuschelzoo and Chernobyl, because of the abandoned building.

Murky past of the island of

And these plants tell a different, more sinister story. Because there was a time, as the Bunny island was so secret that her Name was erased from all maps. To her, the Emperor made during the war, namely, 6000 tons of poison gas. Japan’s army continued to fight gases in military operations. About 80,000 Chinese were killed by mustard gas and phosgene.


One of the old laboratory building on the island

©Wki Commons test objects

The bunnies are to be reached in connection with the use of poison gas to try on the island. To them, the agents should have been tested. Rabbits and hares are also suitable as detectors for gas leaks. In the Cold war, soldiers wore protective suits to rabbits in cages, if you inspected the gas bunker. A leak in one of the containers would have led, in view of the toxicity of the chemicals immediately to the death of the animal.

The remaining stocks of animals could be love after 1945 on the Peninsula, is suspected. Other sources report that the US soldiers, after the surrender of Japan on the island were killed and the survivors of the test rabbits. Whether this is actually going to happen, can hardly be evaluated. Only one thing is clear: the island has not been wiped out of Population.

ecological disaster by viral Video

Meanwhile, the surviving animals have become a real plague. They live from the tourists and have so much increased, that there is no functioning Ecosystem on the island. It is little more than a giant rabbit Hutch. A real Boom was triggered in 2014 by a Youtube Video, reported by “Take Part” – a Portal for environmental issues. On the Clip to see how a tourist who wanted to feed the little Hoppler, has been overrun by all the rabbits swarm, and only with an effort of the rabbit’s mass could break free. Even more than other Nations, the Japanese have a great weakness for cute animals. And the is even increased, when an eerie environment provides a creepy contrast.

“We must not underestimate the role of viral Videos in order to make certain types attractive for people,” said researcher Anna Nekaris of Oxford Brookes University. “There is a direct correlation with the rise in illegal Slow-Loris-photo shows in Thailand (editor’s note: In the case of the Slow Loris is a nocturnal Primate). After a Video of a Slow Loris was with the Japanese victory pose, popular, demand was high in the animals in Japan as Pets.”

The biggest Problem now is, that the tourists come regularly all the days on the island. Of the tourists, the animals are fattened on good days, but in rainy weeks, the Bunny is a bitter Plight. In the meantime, you should have the Vegetation of the island is largely eaten.

Stalin’s prison camps Nasino – the island of the cannibals

in 1933, Stalin planned to expel all of the “harmful elements” out of the cities. You should colonize the East. The Plan ended in Chaos and unprecedented violence.