The Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Poroshenko: Ukraine led state criminal

there is No doubt that the voice on the recording of the acclaimed conversation of Petro Poroshenko with John Biden belongs to former President of Ukraine. And the machinations of the Kremlin blame will not work. But most important, this film demonstrates once again the crimes of Poroshenko. This opinion was expressed on air “60 minutes” the people’s Deputy of Ukraine faction “Opposition bloc” Mikhail Dobkin.

“Why is this happening? Poroshenko is a great and hot and in Washington, in Moscow and in Ukraine. I would like to finally put a fat point in his career pseudopolitical and he got what he deserved. Although I doubt it”, — the politician noted.

According to him, in order to investigate Poroshenko has moved forward, it needs to pick up the headquarters of the presidential candidate Donald trump. In this case the Ukrainian authorities will have nowhere to go. Then it will bring to the end, forcing Square to work law.

“Now we have not a law, and the agreements and rules that set strong. Strong in the Ukraine are the representatives of the US establishment. A lot depends, including the fate of Poroshenko,” — said Dobkin.

the Politician noted that in Ukraine for a long time nobody is surprised listening to Poroshenko as head of a sovereign state, reports to Biden as a subordinate. The ex-President of the once deciding the fate of the Ukrainians. “We still have people received at this time only for social media posts. While Poroshenko himself completely fall under the criminal article “high treason”, — he explained.

it Turns out that the country was ruled by a state criminal, summed up the representative of “Opposition block”. He also stated that still live the Square in this paradigm, where “legally” the killer let go at will, and his victim recognize the suspect.

“We try to deal with it and hope that all is not lost. Not all left, not all zadolbila and intimidated, not all were able to make him change his principles. Therefore, the chances and prospects of this country is”, — concluded Mikhail Dobkin.

After media published a secret recording of the conversation Poroshenko with the former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, attorney General’s office in Kiev opened a criminal case against the ex-President of Ukraine criminal case. Poroshenko accused of treason and abuse of power. Informed against Poroshenko Ukraine opened a total of 16 criminal cases.