The election race in the United States: trump promised the Americans to tell the truth about aliens at Roswell in the case of re-election

Donald trump has spent the first three months pre-election rally. His performance in Oklahoma lasted about three hours. And next was a demonstration of supporters of the movement black Laws Mathers. Criticized the President in social networks: the majority of people in the hall were without masks, and the media had reported that six officers of the headquarters of the trump passed test positive for coronavirus.

According to tradition, an energetic and optimistic speech of the President was preceded by confusion. For a street rally in front of the President’s speech, no one came and it was cancelled. True, it was caused by low interest but the fact that the supporters tried to get the best seats inside. After three months of interruption due to the pandemic, his campaign, Donald trump started off with the most topical of topics: protests over the murder of George Floyd and a wave of unrest that swept the United States.

“Two days ago, the radical left in Portland demolished a statue of George Washington, wrapped it in the American flag and burned it. We should pass a law that would punish the instigators of the American flag a year imprisonment,” said Donald trump, the President of the United States.

Indirectly accusing the demolition of the monuments of the Democrats, the President went on to combat coronavirus. Promised in the autumn to open all schools, and noted that the United States successfully cope with the problem. And then decided to add humor. The joke, however, did not appreciate even the supporters.

“When you spend a lot of the tests get a lot of positive results. So I told my team: please do less tests”, — said trump.

As noted by users in social networks, the phrase sounded inappropriate. In the United States from the coronavirus has killed more than 120 thousand people. In addition, on the eve of the meeting it became known that the six members of staff of the White House was taken.

and the very idea of meeting pre-criticized: first, because of the mass congestion of people, and secondly, because of hthe majority of supporters trump came without masks. On the failure of the President in the fight against coronavirus took the opportunity to point and his opponent for the seat in the oval office, Joe Biden.

However, the call to “Wake up” from sleepy Joe, as he calls himself the tramp, he wasn’t very convincing.

according to the latest data of opinion polls, Biden now not only ahead of trump on the ratings, but also increases the lead it is more than 10 percent. Moreover, according to the experts, supporters of the Democrats does not add up. Just those who support the Republican candidate becomes smaller.

Problems trump began even on his favorite sites. Twitter and Facebook have removed a series of propaganda clips of the President for the use of banned symbols. We are talking about a upside down red triangle. The Nazis used it in concentration camps to refer to political prisoners and Communists. The arguments of the authors of the campaign, that character is used as Emoji and refers to the movement of anti-fascists opposed by trump, the moderators are not convinced.

to Hit the reputation of the trump and the book of his former adviser to John Bolton, which contains a generous portion of criticism of the White House. Before the court allowed the publication of material, despite the objections of the President.

against this background, the only positive news for the President was the resignation of U.S. attorney Geoffrey Berman, who oversaw the investigation against a number close to the Trump people.

Help mobilize voters, the head of state hopes to obtain and… from aliens. In a recent interview, the President hinted that if re-elected can publish secret documents about the crash in 1947 a UFO in Roswell.