The elections in Paris were won by the incumbent mayor

the Second round of municipal elections was held in France. In the capital the incumbent mayor Anne Hidalgo. And in the South the majority of votes won the closest ally of marine Le Pen.

the Results of the second round of municipal elections in the press dubbed the green wave that swept France. The center-left party, Europe ecology green — took Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Marseille, besançon. In Lyon their first candidate did not want to participate in the elections, but in the end got more than 50 percent. Paris remained for the socialists, with a large margin win Anne Hidalgo.

“National Association” marine Le Pen also celebrates a great victory, in her hands the five major cities, including for the first time in 11 years in Perpignan. Its nearest ally Louis alio managed to become the first, despite the attempts of the opposition to create in contrast to his coalition.

the Results “of the Republic on the March” by Emmanuel Macron, a very modest, even the victory of Edward Philip in Le Havre may be bitter to the taste. The Prime Minister has not excluded, that will choose a mayor and will leave the Cabinet before the expiry of the term of office. On the sidelines once again talking about the conflict between Him and Philip, today they will hold a private tete-a-tete. Upset of the President and a record low turnout, though sanitary precautions were well thought out.

Disinfecting everything down to the tables and handles after each visitor. Strictly followed by distance.

“compared to the first round of measures significantly strengthened: we have introduced a mandatory distance between all who are on the site; we recommend you to wear gloves — all this minimizes the risk. And who could not come, for it can vote by proxy” — said the Director of the site Charles Dominica.

And while Paris was buzzing with crowds walking, and the restaurants were Packed, people on the land it’s not enough. Experts believe it is not virus, and in the General disappointment of the French, especially in all the falling Ratingo of Emmanuel Macron.