The employee FBK Bulk forcibly sent to military service in the army

lawyers for the Manager of projects of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Ruslan Samedinova, forcefully drafted for military service in the army, had applied to the Investigative Committee and interior Ministry said Wednesday on its website, the founder FBK Alexei Navalny. According to him, has submitted several statements, including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, unlawful ban on use of communications and unlawful conscription, as well as a lawsuit against mobile operator Yota, which, according to the FCO, has suspended communication services Samedinova while he held on Monday the search.

after this search, the employee FBK stopped communicating, and the next day it became known that he was sent to the 33rd anti-aircraft missile regiment (SOG) on the New Earth. The press-Secretary of the FCO Kira Armys announced on Twitter that the archipelago is a closed territory and lawyers to get to Samedinova can’t. According to her, before the search had turned off the electricity and he couldn’t get a hold of anyone.

From Samedinova there is a documented set of medical research a disease that does not allow you to call him for military service, specified Bulk “Chief of the medical unit [of the 33rd anti-aircraft regiment] has agreed to look at these papers, but that he will do is unclear”.

Armys did not respond to a request “Vedomosti”, the lawyer of FBK Vyacheslav Gimadi refused to talk with “Vedomosti”.

the FCO argued that Samedinova have the right to delay: he’s challenged in court the decision of the draft Board, and during a complaint call is impossible. The first lawsuit against the decision of the military enlistment office was rejected in November, Samidinov appealed, but on December 23 the Moscow city court rejected it, reported “Interfax” in the press service of the Moscow city court. The Agency said, citing the suit Samedinova, noted that “the doctors performing the examination, and whenzivney Commission information about the health of the plaintiff was absent, as are any diagnostic events the plaintiff within 30 days prior to the medical examination had been carried out”.

on Tuesday, the Deputy military Commissar of Moscow Maksim Loktev told TASS that Samidinov long shied away from military service, direction the army is legal and the place of service determined in accordance with the results of the examination. According to Loktev, October 28, the employee FBK arrived on the agenda in the Savelovsky military enlistment office, where “in the prescribed manner in the presence of his lawyer held a recruiting event and the medical examination, the results of which he was found unfit for military service by conscription”. On the same day, a draft decision of the Commission of Airport district of Samidinov was drafted into the army and “he handed the agenda to send to the place of passage of military service”. However, Samidinov did not agree with the draft decision of the Commission and filed in the Savelovsky district court. “In strict accordance with the requirements of the law for the whole period of adjudication of the claim Samedinova the effect of the decision of the draft Board was suspended,” explained zamvoenkoma. But after the appeals court decision came into force and effect of the decision of the draft Board was resumed, concluded Loktev.

Even if the Moscow city court upheld the decision of the draft Board, violent call still illegal, said the lawyer, “Soldiers’ mothers of St. Petersburg” Alexander Gorbachev. The police have the right to give the citizen a summons, if otherwise it is impossible to find, or deliver to the military if the Commissioner has previously caused a person to compile a Protocol on administrative offense, and he did not come, said the lawyer: “it is Obvious that in this case nothing like that happened, and the actions of the staff go far beyond their allotted limits. After the recognition of the decision of the draft Commission legal Samedinova had to send a summons, and hesamostoyatelno had it come or not come, if it considers it necessary to act differently, for example by submitting a new claim”. But even if he was not on the agenda, to forcibly send him into the army no one has the right, Gorbachev stressed: “For the avoidance of conscription, be punished up to criminal. That is, a person either goes to serve voluntarily, or fall under accusation. No citizen can or should give back to the Motherland with arms in hand, if he is not willing, it violates his rights and is a threat to the safety of others”.