More than 48 million people downloaded the Corona-Warnapp during the pandemic. Now it is put into a so-called “sleep mode”.

The federal government’s corona warning app, which has been used millions of times, is to go into “sleep mode” at the beginning of June in view of the more relaxed pandemic situation. The warning function for other users of the app should still be able to be used until April 30th after a positive test, as the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Friday on request. In the month of May, the systems should then be prepared to put certain functions into “sleep mode” on June 1st. Regular updates of the app should be avoided. But you can keep them on your cell phone, for example to continue using electronic vaccination certificates.

Corona warning app can be woken up again at any time

If the situation changes again, the app can be “awakened” from sleep mode and adjusted in a timely manner, said a spokesman. According to the ministry, the application was installed more than 48 million times on end devices, and almost nine million people shared positive test results to warn other users. The current contracts with the service providers SAP and T-Systems end on May 31st.

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