The EU suspects the UK's reluctance to conclude the bargain

the European Union is concerned that the UK government is deliberately stalling the negotiations on the trade deal for Brexit and may secretly seek to withdraw from trade agreements without prior approval of the new deal, writes Business Insider.

the UK should get out of trading and customs facilities of Europe in 2020, despite growing pressure from business groups and opposition political parties about the extension of the transition period after Brexit.

However, the government of Boris Johnson insists that the country will emerge, regardless of whether concluded new trade deal.

Tough position, in which the European Union offered several concessions made by some politicians in Brussels think, does the British government to sign a new trade agreement until 2021.

“the Gap is wide and deep,” said Business Insider the EU source close to the negotiations. According to him, more and more officials in Europe are wondering whether it wants the British government to conclude a transaction.

This gap was recently illustrated by the new exchange of letters between the chief negotiator of the United Kingdom David frost and his counterpart from the EU, Michel Barnier.

frost, selected Johnson for the leadership of the British party during negotiations for a Brexit, said that the UK was “puzzled” approach of the EU, which he recently called “ideological,” and that the bargain, which was offered in Brussels was unfair.

Anand Menon, Director of the British analytical center “the Changing Europe”, said he does not think that during negotiations this week, there’s a big breakthrough, despite the fact that this is the last full round before the meeting at the end of this month where both sides will assess the progress.

“none of the parties are not willing to make concessions this week. Both sides reconciled with a similar summit, where all unhappy, but no one wants to leave" he said to Business Insider.

Raul Ruparel, who was the chief adviser on Europe the former Prime Minister of great Britain Theresa may, said that the failure to make significant progress by the end of the round of talks this week can endanger all the negotiations.