The European Parliament may veto the deal on Brexit

the European Parliament can veto any trade deal between the UK and the European Union, which is not “robust” safeguards to ensure fair competition and strict standards for environmental and workers ‘ rights, writes The Guardian.

the Draft resolution, which must pass through the voting process, underlines the latent threat of blocking trade deals between the EU and the UK.

Urging the British government to “reconsider its negotiating position,” the text says that a level playing field is “the indispensable condition for the European Parliament gave its consent on the trade agreement with great Britain”.

a Uniform game field — the General standards for the environment, workers ‘ rights and state subsidies to companies is one of the major stumbling blocks in the negotiations on Brexit, which led to the current impasse.

In the parliamentary text emphasizes the narrow margin of manoeuvre available to the chief negotiator of the EU Michel Barnier, who last week hinted at a possible assignment in relation to state aid — rules restricting state subsidies for companies.

Barnier refused to publicly support the EU requirement that the European rules on state aid should be included in UK legislation.

Sources from Brussels have tried to appease the talk of the imminent compromise on the critical issue of state aid.

EU Officials want to see a General approach to state aid, which means that the UK and EU will jointly work on the adaptation rules.

EU Sources say that the lack of strict international regulations makes the problem of state aid particularly difficult.

“you Have an agreement (under the WTO) on subsidies, but it is an old agreement and it is not easy to useb. So it’s not enough. Need to find something else,” the sources said.

Sources say that the government cannot be limited in its ability to manage its own state aid rules.

the European Parliament Committees on trade and foreign Affairs will vote on draft resolution on Friday, and all the members of the European Parliament will be able to Express their views next week.

As reported earlier, the negotiations between the EU and the UK there has been little progress.

Michel Barnier, the negotiator from the European Union made in Brussels after the completion of the fourth round of talks between the EU and the UK about future relationships.

In a statement, Barnier was reported that the negotiator of great Britain David frost agreed that “progress remains limited”, despite the fact that the negotiations were “positive in tone”.

“the Negotiations will continue, and we remain committed to a successful outcome,” — said the representative of the United Kingdom.