The Film

On TV channel “Russia 1” important premiere of the documentary “Russia. The Kremlin. Putin”. The author of the film, a political commentator VGTRK Pavel Zarubin said in the program “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” that for him personally it was especially important on this film.

“In 2000, when the President was Vladimir Putin, I was 18 years old. It was my first presidential vote. I won’t say how they voted. Soon everyone will know. It is obvious that during these 20 years the country has changed. I can assess the situation and those eyes, and today. It was important for me to understand, to feel and to ask how all these years Putin has been working on this post. In this film, I even asked the President: How do you force yourself to work in this mode? The answers lie in our film.”

According to the journalist, the President of Russia is always ready to answer any of the most pressing issues. “I have long remembered, even with the massive conferences at the summit “Big eight” or “Big twenty”. This is one of the most vivid impressions in my career, when going to a room of journalists and each of them can ask Putin questions in any language, including sharply critical, sometimes even boorish. Putin is ready for anything, he’ll give the answer deployed and clearly,” said Zarubin.

In conclusion, host Vladimir Solovyov recommended that all spectators have to watch this film: “I think he will go on quotes. Paul, congratulations with this giant stage of life. To make such a movie for any journalist — it’s his Olympics and a great success”.