thousands of firefighters continued to struggle Monday against the flames in the worst fire in the history of California, the “Camp Fire”, already responsible for the death of 29 people and still be content. Six new bodies have been discovered Sunday on the passage of the “Camp Fire”, this fire, which has raged since Thursday in the north of the city of Sacramento, the most deadly in the history of this State with the “Griffith Park Fire of 1933.

meanwhile, another fire, “Woolsey Fire”, has made two victims in southern California.

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● 31 deaths in two fires

The sheriff of the county of Butte, Kory Honea said Sunday that the search for potential additional body was “very very difficult”, adding that the authorities were still no news of the 228 people. “There is so much of rubble in some of these areas that it is very difficult to determine if there could be human remains”, he said about the fire that has already burned more than 45,000 hectares and some 6.453 buildings.

The flames consumment a KFC in the city of Paradise. Noah Berger/AP

strong winds from the north-east continued to blow Monday on the region, where more than 4,500 firefighters were on the ground, with a maximum temperature of around 20°C expected on the day and not a drop of rain to be expected by the end of the month. The soldiers of the fire, came from all over the country, are accompanied on the terrain of anthropologists, and a laboratory analysis of DNA to identify the body, sometimes reduced to mere fragments of bone.

firefighters are struggling against, “Woolsey Fire” ERIC THAYER/REUTERS

The town of Paradise was literally wiped off the map, leaving behind landscapes of desolation. Monday morning, the “Camp Fire” was always content to about 25%, but its surface has been reduced from 4500 hectares. The fire department paying particular to protect buildings threatened by the flames. The wind also complicates the stain of the firefighters who are fighting the “Woolsey Fire, another fire located in the western suburbs of Los Angeles, near the famous seaside resort of Malibu. Monday morning, the dangerous Santa Ana winds, hot and dry, coming from the inside of the land, were thus more than 50 km/h on the blaze that has already destroyed 37.000 hectares. According to the last point of the agency of the fire department of California, CalFire, the “Woolsey Fire”, which has made two victims, found in their vehicle, was not content to 20% on Monday morning.

● 250,000 people evacuated

Over 250,000 people have been ordered to evacuate their homes in a wide region near Sacramento, the capital of the State of the western United States, and in Malibu and its surrounding area. In both cases, the exact cause of the fire starting have not yet been identified. In Malibu, all schools have been closed until the 19th of November at least. The authorities have asked residents of all the localities close to the evacuated areas to stay at home with doors and windows closed, and to drink only bottled water or water boiled before consumption.

A third fire, the “Hill Fire”, in the county of Ventura, northwest of Los Angeles and Malibu was in the process of being mastered, and content on a Monday morning to 75%. He had forced the evacuation of the residents of Thousand Oaks, where a former military opened fire on Wednesday evening in a bar in the city, killing twelve people before committing suicide.

About 80,000 hectares have been reduced to ashes. FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP

fire many more to come

For the past year, California has fires, which have, in total, almost 100 people dead, and burned hundreds of thousands of hectares. “This is not a new normal, this is a new abnormality. And this new abnormality that will continue, probably in the 10 to 15 or 20 years,” said the governor of California, Jerry Brown, at a press conference Sunday. “Unfortunately, the best science tells us that the drought, the heat, all these things will increase”, he added, in reference to the reasons leading to the fire.

The “Camp Fire” photo taken by the Observatory of NASA. JOSHUA STEVENS/AFP

Saturday, Donald Trump had denounced, in a tweet, the management of forests, “so bad”, an accusation called a “dangerously wrong” by the head of the firefighters union in california, Brian Rice. Monday morning, he addressed his thanks to the firefighters and the emergency services.

A firefighter fight the flames to Paradise. ROBYN BECK/AFP