From our special envoy in Newlyn (Cornwall)

On the quay at Newlyn, a fishing trawler Crystal Sea unloads its cargo under the watchful eye of interested seagulls. In the hold, three sailors spend a string around a stack of plastic crates full of ice and fish. On the bridge, the boss, Dave Stevens, manoeuvre the winch on the mast support. One hand on the cable, it guides the load outside of the hold and rotates up in the back of a refrigerated truck, where his brother Alec stacks the goods. “In three days of fishing, we filled 200 boxes, or about 9 tonnes of fish,” says Dave Stevens. As usual, we had to discard to the sea half of our taken to meet eu quotas.”

Dave and Alec Stevens belong to an old family of fishermen of Cornwall. Most of the ports of the region, such as the one close to Mousehole, now live of tourism. But Newlyn, which is adjacent to the small town of Penzance, has remained a fishing port, the more …

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