The foreign Ministry of Russia estimated the intellectual ability of American propagandists

the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia consider the fake news publication of the newspaper the New York Times about the involvement of the GRU the assassinations of American soldiers in Afghanistan. The intellectual level of propagandists from the American intelligence does not allow you to come up with something better than such nonsense, said the foreign Ministry. Except for simple stuffing, said Russian diplomats, it is unlikely that it “can be expected of intelligence, which failed miserably twenty years of war in Afghanistan.”

American taxpayers should pay attention to the working of the American intelligence. You can still remember a lot of things said in the foreign Ministry, in addition to involvement in the drug trade, payments to fighters for the passage of transport caravans, the kickbacks from contracts for execution of various projects.

the foreign Ministry suggested that American intelligence does not want to lose the “left” income from what makes Moscow to start peace negotiations between Kabul and the Taliban.

In turn, Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Sergey Ordzhonikidze believes that the “cold war” continues attempts to psychologically put pressure on the Russian diplomats and to interfere with their work. This is a standard procedure of American counterintelligence, said Ordzhonikidze. “To keep, as they put it, off balance, that is, in a state of uncertainty, fear,” — said Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber.

Ordzhonikidze sure that the U.S. government called the publication in the NYT “private matter” and refuse to respond. He added that the Americans have always only understand the opposition, “when he is well satisfied in Moscow, and then they understand and stop the pressure”.

According to Ordzhonikidze, in a private edition in the United States, especially New York Times, often written “at the dictation of the FBI”. Especially when it comes to Russian diplomats.

In early June, the faction of the Republicans in coGrasse published a report in which Russia is accused, among others the sponsorship of the Taliban (banned in Russia). The Russian foreign Ministry called the initiative of the Republicans to toughen sanctions against Moscow “the absolute rudeness”, RIA Novosti reported.