The former head of the Irkutsk region, said the Ukrainian leader asked Putin to allow him to participate in the elections

the Former Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko sent to the address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin the letter with the request to allow him to participate in the elections of the head region.

“Sergey Georgievich has addressed with the request to Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to allow him to participate in the election of the Governor of the Irkutsk region. His letter directed to presidential administration of the Russian Federation”, — said the press-Secretary Levchenko Pavel Dobrodeev RIA Novosti.

Elections are scheduled for September 13. For the post of head of the region claimed by seven people including acting Governor of Irkutsk region Igor Kobzev.

Levchenko resigned as Governor on 12 December 2019 on their own. His resignation has commented then the speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matvienko. According to her, the Governor quit, as not coped with work in an emergency.

President Vladimir Putin said that events in the first phase of the work was trying, but needed a specialist, “who is well versed in the issues that must be solved”. “But the situation that has developed there, too complex for it to work, slowly,” — said Putin.

Last summer in the Irkutsk region was a strong flood, which killed 26 people and 11 million houses badly damaged.