there is Hardly a manufacturer is not trying, currently, to physical forces, its electric motors to induce persuasion, which are sometimes reflected in a couple of years ago. Mazda is gone, in its developments, often the other way, and shows the ever-increasing electric trend emphasizes unimpressed. The technology-loving Japanese to bring its new compact class model Mazda 3 for the first time, the technical symbiosis of gasoline and diesel engine in a series vehicle. But the interest of the customers and the new Mazda 3 at all enough in the scene? Finally, the blows, despite the continued SUV craze in the Segment of the compact class models a hard Wind. Models such as Toyota Corolla, Ford Focus, Renault Megane or VW Golf in the area of the sound. Many customers have risen in the past few years, to the premium models like Audi A3, BMW 1 series or Mercedes A-class. Hard times for the new Mazda 3 to take according to the scene.

Once more the Design of the new Mazda 3 compliant, but little striking or even spectacular. This is especially true for the five-door hatchback version, which stands out in particular by a strong rear tapered window line and a powerful C-pillar. The Mazda 3 is one of the largest vehicles in its class. The five-door is the stately of 4.46 metres long. The very values see Fastback Version brings it even on 4.66 metres – that is clear middle-class level. Both some design wear specially on the Front and rear details of the concept studies, RX, Vision and Vision coupe Concept values. Mazda Mazda 3 2019 – with a powerful C-pillar

for the First time the Japanese have to offer in the compact class, also an all-wheel drive version. The space is located at the level of the competition, where you can thanks to 2.73 meters long wheelbase in the rear from all seats. The incidence of light, as well as the opportunities to look out through the small side Windows, however, manageable. The Cockpit is as simple as the Rest of the interior. The Central position of the Central display for a vehicle, which is in 2019 on the market, with 8.8 inches a bit small and the instruments are not animated fully. Newly standard Head-Up Display, which projects key information onto the windscreen.

While many manufacturers call their engines in recent years have downsized and turbocharged Three – and four-cylinder with 1.0 to 1.5 litres, the tone, Mazda once again, a very different way. The all-new Mazda 3 with a two-litre naturally-aspirated engines with 24-Volt on-Board network or a 1.8-litre common-rail Diesel is completely different on the road. Particularly proud of the Japanese developers are on the Mazda 3 Skyactiv X 2.0 M Hybrid. For years, Mazda is researching a series of gasoline with the so-called compression ignition, in which a relatively lean mixture of fuel and air will ignite without the Intervention of a spark plug only by the pressure in the combustion chamber itself. Sounds complicated – but it is not. Short the two internal combustion engines, gasoline and Diesel are crossed (self-starter). The two-litre petrol engine, with its supercharger system for the series starting in the coming fall of around 140 kW / 190 HP and a maximum torque of 230 Nm, operates according to the SPCCI-principle. SPCCI stands for Spark Controlled Compression Inginition – a petrol engine with a so-called compression ignition, the Mazda marketing fit Skyactiv X announced. Optionally, the engines offer a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic. Mazda the Cockpit of The Mazda 3 Fastback

The prospect of technical data is not yet certified final; however, in today’s times for a four-cylinder with turbocharging anything other than spectacular – but the fuel consumption is supposed to make the difference. “The new SPCCI-engine consumes, in comparison to our current Skyactiv engines are around 20 to 25 percent less fuel,” explains motors-head of development, Ichiro Hirose, “so we are, in reality, on the level of our diesel engines.” That is not surprising, therefore, since the Skyactiv engines from Mazda are currently both petrol also as Diesel is the most economical, when it comes to the real consumption in the hands of the customer. One of the technical recipes for success a high compression for a gasoline engine at unusually high 14:1. The opposite of the closely related Turbodiesel has a comparatively small compression of 14:1. The newly developed Diesotto engines will even have a compression ratio of 16:1.

Even if the combustion is triggered in each of the individual cylinders, in most cases alone, as in a Diesel (compression-ignition) due to the Overpressure, there is still a spark plug. This is used in particular for cold start and high speeds; in part-load operation, this spark remains and, therefore, unemployed. For additional efficiency a part of electrification with 24-Volt on-Board network is to ensure that the house is called internally in the M Hybrid. Market launch for the new Mazda 3 is also offered in Europe as the four – and five-door Version is coming in early summer.