The head of Twitter supported factchecking messages trump

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey has said he supports the decision of the company about fact-checking in two tweets of the President of the United States, despite the fact that it caused sharp criticism from trump and his allies. This statement appears on the back of the news that the White house is preparing a Directive aimed at social media for their alleged bias against the strategies of content moderation.

In a series of tweets Dorsey for the first time commented on the brouhaha that arose in connection with the marking trump’s tweets about the fact that the message may contain misinformation and necessary to check facts.

on Tuesday, Donald trump wrote two tweets in which he called the vote by mail in California “fraudulent” and stated that the Governor of the state sends ballots to millions of state residents, regardless of “who they are and how got there”. Twitter added to messages of the trump mark, which leads to a page where explains why trump is wrong.

After that, trump has accused Twitter of meddling in the upcoming presidential elections and stated that the service is “completely stifles freedom of speech,” and he, as President, will not allow that to happen.

Supporters of trump last week announced it was ready to deprive the Twitter special immunity to liability for the dissemination of information, which social network gets under article 230 of the act of decency in communications. Products in accordance with this provision, the social network is not able to edit posts, but only to serve as a channel of distribution.

Commenting on trump’s tweets, to which was attached a note with a proposal to get the facts, Jack Dorsey stated that they could lead voters astray, creating them the impression that participation in the elections do not need to register. Under US law, only a registered voter entitled to the ballot.

Ukas trump, the draft of which was obtained by Reuters, reportedly accuses the social network in “selective censorship” and cancels the legal protection of these companies in accordance with article 230 of the Law on decency of communications.

In this decree the Federal trade Commission will also be asked to identify the alleged bias on the Internet and to prohibit Federal spending on advertising or marketing on these platforms. It is unclear if the company’s social networking on additional legal liability for content posted on their platforms as a result of adoption of the resolution.

Reinforcing the fight against companies such as Twitter and Facebook, trump the risk of harm to the platforms, which have played an important role in his political career. Twitter regularly broadcasts its messages 80 million people, and the advertising campaign was launched on Facebook, which led trump to victory in 2016.

Facebook Founder mark Zuckerberg in an interview with Fox News aired on Thursday, suggested that Twitter should not mark messages trump. Zuckerberg also said that Facebook should not assume the role of arbiter of the truth concerning just what people say on the Internet.