Brad Pitt (l.) and Leonardo DiCaprio make for not only your new movie is a common thing

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In the “midterm elections”, the so-called mid-term elections are on 6. November, in the US, among other things, all members in the house of representatives. More and more celebrities want to mobilize the citizens of the US. In a joint video message, the Hollywood Stars Leonardo DiCaprio (43, “Titanic”) and Brad Pitt (54, “heart of steel”) now as a matter of urgency, to go to choose.

that’s Why the choice is so important

“The future of our country will be decided this week”, begins DiCaprio his Statement. “This election could be the most important of our lives,” he explains. It matters how the weapons law, the welfare of immigration policy or the health. Also, Pitt mentioned, among other important points, such as climate change, education policy and equality of the LGBTQ community.

Pitt explained that they ask for both all eligible voters and urge to make their “voice heard”. In addition, U.S. citizens should also ask others to go out and vote – whether you knock on doors or just a text to send message.

The two actors are just together for “Once Upon A Time in Hollywood”, the new Film from cult Director Quentin Tarantino (55, “Pulp Fiction”), in front of the camera.